Sunday, December 10, 2017

TEL KOI (Climbing Perch in oil.) ( KOU TELA Rasa)

TEL KOI (Climbing Perch in oil.) ( KOU TELA Rasa)

A very popular recipe cooked in many different ways 

Koi fish 6 No ( 8 count), live ones, cut and dressed , slits made on both sides and marinated with salt and turmeric .

mixed into a paste the following
2 heap tsp cumin ,

 2 heap tsp coriander ,
 3/4 level tsp turmeric 
1 level tsp red chili powder ,
 1 level tsp green chili paste (optional), 
1/6th level tsp sugar, 


Saute the fish at high heat in little oil , 2 - 3 min on each side . Don't fry .

Add 60 to 75  ml mustard oil , heat to smoking and remove to cool a bit. Add the spice paste, and fry on low heat till oil comes out sprinkle water to prevent burn out .
Add 75 ml water .Lay the fish one by one on the pan . Cover and boil for 5 min. Turn the fish and open boil to drive out most moisture .
Garnish few green chili .

One variation I make with coriander and black pepper paste and no other spices

Eat with hot rice

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