Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It has been ages , I posted any thing ..I have been cooking though and taking snaps too .
here is a fast but tricky recipe learnt from my son in law and i love it .Of course no need to tenderize the meat , if the bought out spice already has Papaya tenderizer.
The meat is tenderized here to give a burah kebab finish in texture of the meat 


Lamb or mutton chops 8 pieces ( 600 to 700 grams dressed), flattened .
Raw papaya with skin , 2 inch chopped coarse or give one pulse in a grinder
Oil for marinade 1 tbsp ( mustard or EVOO or any oil of your choice )
Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp, 
Vinegar or lemon juice 11/2 tbsp
Curd 200 gms
Sugar 1/2 tsp 


Use any market bought out tanduri masala , or meat masala . Here I have used Anisa Arif's awesome tandoori masala.

CAUTION  If the spice mix has papaya or any tenderizer, do not use papaya mentioned above.


Acidify the meat with vinegar or lemon juice , mix the papaya and keep aside for 2-3 hrs.
Shake off or jet wash the papaya under water tap, and pat dry .(not necessary if you are making a curry ) 
Mix in 2 tsp of ginger garlic paste , 1 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp of Anisa’s Tanduri masla, leave aside.
In 200 gms curd whip in , salt and ½ tsp sugar, and mix with the meat.
Keep in fridge for 1-2 hrs
In a pan heat 2 tbsp oil ,   lay the chops along with the marinade,  pressing the chops, fry it on high heat for 2 min, reduce flame and continue frying. After 5 min. reverse the chops and continue as above.. The curd should dry out and burnt here and there,
Eat as it is … The meat will melt in your mouth 

Sorry no finished product photo, all finished 

Thursday, April 24, 2014



Come summer time , I love this dal with lemon and soft fried potato with a Mustard or kala jeera tempering

Masoor dal 100 ml ( 1 cup is 150 ml)
Onion 2 inch sliced and chopped.
Green chili 4
For tempering: 2 dry red chili and 11/2 heap tsp panch Phodon
turmeric 1 level tsp
Oil 2 tbsp ( I use ghee always)
Sugar 1/4th level tsp ( not more)

Boil dal with turmeric, 1/3rd chopped onion, 2 broken green chili, salt and sugar (1/4th tsp).
1 whistle in pressure cooker and done.


1st tempering
Heat oil or ghee to smoking and fry the onion to dark brown spots on high heat. Remove from heat , take the onion out leaving the oil behind. Add the onion to the dal.

2nd tempering ,
Heat the oil again add the tempering of dry chili and panch Phodon , and when done pour it into the dal. Take some dal into the tempering pan, mix and por back into the dal.
Return the dal to burner , add the green chilis 2 or more , boil for 2 minutes, adjust salt.

Eat with rice and lemon and fried soft potato julienne. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

BADI AND NADIA CHURA ( BoDi and coconut mix ), an Odiya delicacy


The other day, I came across this recipe from a posting by Monalisa. And immediately I was taken to my childhood days in Odisha. Eating it with pakhala ( panta bhat, rice in water) at my friend’s place was a regular affair in summer time .
Try it out with Pakhala or , steaming rice, ghee and this dish mixed into it .
I will cook many other dishes with dry fish, fresh fish and prawns and keep this as base. You can also innovate on this .

It is simple , fried or roasted BoDis are crushed and mixed with chopped onion, garlic , green chili and more green chili, grated coconut, chopped coriander leaves ( a recent addition, ) etc etc . A drizzle of extra virgin Mustard oil is a must ….and my great foodies try EVOO and let me know . It has to be good and we can brand it as “ Odiya –Italiano Badi chura “

Actually no one really measures the quantity for this recipe ..free for all. The quantity given below is just suggestive and what I used recently ,,,go as you like ..and trust me , it will not have any effect on the dish, no matter what ratio you use.
BoDi ( Udad dal dumplings , , 20 mm size ..25 to 30 numbers
Onion , chopped fine or smashed in a mixi for 10 seconds  , 2/3rd   tea cup ( 100 ml),
Smashed and chopped garlic 2 tsp level
Green chili chopped fine 1 heap tbsp. (more the merrier)
Mustard oil ( raw) 2 tsp
Oil for frying the Bodi 3 tbsp to a cup ( you decide )
Grated coconut ½ cup ( if you don’t have and find it as a deterrent to cook this , just don’t use)
2 red chili
Leomon juice  1 tbsp ( optional)

THE BODIS before frying , the little brwon tinge is because of Camera 

fried and broken Bodis with ingredients 

Deep Fry the Bodi in huge amount of oil and keep aside .
Fry 2 red chilis
Take 3 tbsp oil, heat to smoking, reduce heat , fry 2 red chili and take out .
Add the Bodis and stir fast so that the oil is sipped in uniformly into all Bodis. Keep stirring and fry the Bodi to brown…keep aside.
Mix all ingredients, except bodi and Mustrad oil / EVOO. Crush the fried red chili into it .
Crush the Bodis coarsely with your palm or fingers.
Just before eating, mix the bodis , the mix of other ingredients, drizzle with Mustard oil and serve .
It is best eaten with pakhala ,
But what about eating with steaming rice, dollop of butter or ghee? Try it. It is delicious too.

Thank you Monalisa patnaik for this recipe. The little I know about her through FB, I can say, she is still holding on to the great traditional Odiya recipes .      

Thursday, March 20, 2014

DRUM STICK, CRISP FRIED, ( temple and non-temple version)

DRUM STICK, CRISP FRIED, ( temple and non-temple version)

As a child, I used to love this dish…In our village town, everybody had drum stick plants, The trees used to bend down with the load of drum sticks hanging from it . As you know, there is a limit to eat drum stick dishes. And you can’t pass it on to the neighbor as they have the same problem of having too much drum sticks.
I was just trying to recreate, from my memory , the sallow fried crispy drum sticks .The next dish on my radar is the drum stick achar , burnt drum stick Bha-te (bharta)… and pakoda from drum stick core.  

It is simple. Softened drum sticks are coated with little batter and shallow fried . The batter and the spicing is your imagination to get the right aroma that you think will be good.  It can be just the aroma of Nigella, wild celery, ajwain or cumin or even garlic.  Strong spice like fennel, methi, garam masala is generally not used, but why not ?

Drum sticks . 8 , semi-peeled (as usual ) , cut to 4 inch (100 mm) size.
Turmeric ½ tsp,
Salt ½ tsp

For the batter
Rice flour , 80 % , atta (whole wheat flour ) 15 % , corn flour 5 %
Red chili powder 1 tsp
Jeera powder ½ tsp
Garlic paste, 1 level tsp OPTIONAL and not for Jain or temple variation)
Ajwain 1 level tsp

Boil  the drum stick cuts in minimum water with salt and turmeric. The drum stick should be just cooked ( alternatively , pressure cook to one whistle and switch off, or steam them after marinating with salt and turmeric for ½ hour) .
Preserve the water for sambar or any vege dish for the drum stick flavour.

Mix all the ingredients for batter except the garlic and then add the garlic (optional) , make a very thick  batter.
Pour the batter to the boiled drumstick and mix roughly to coat. It will just coat here and there, not like fully coated pakodas.
In a frying pan (non-stick will do) , heat oil for sallow fry.
Take 4 to 5 drum stick pieces together and put on the pan. Fry on high heat, till brown. Reverse the pieces, press gently to flatten slightly and fry .

Remove on to a kitchen paper and allow the batter to turn crispy.

Just munch and gossip, good for ladies parliament. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014



Well after a heavy dose of vege dishes, now comes the fish. Remember my earlier blog “STORY OF "CHITOL MACHH ER GADA" AND THE BEAUTIFULLADY AT CR PARK FISH MARKET”? (Gada = the top portion of a fish above the belly)

The Chitol fish 
Chitol is a very tasty and bony fish. However the belly portion is boneless, barring the big rib bones and very fatty. It is cooked in numerous ways ;  rich kalia, with onion, extra virgin raw mustard oil, with curd and fried onion paste, with mustard paste and lemon jest, green chili etc etc . Here I will be cooking my most favourite recipe for this fish. The fish is too expensive and very heavy ( high density) so I can’t buy for the 2nd recipe.

The chitol peti are in the center and the gada pieces are along the side

This is a simple , down market recipe , cooked with mainly cumin and ginger paste, with tempering of tej pata, cumin, dry red chili, black pepper . Potato is optional. The medium aroma spice ( the cumin) , boosts the natural taste and aroma of the fish and the fish aroma is not masked by the strong spice like garam masala, fennel, methi, onion etc

The great thing about this recipe is,, you can use any other fish, and may put vegetables also


Chitol fish (peti )..4 pieces about 700 gram
Potato 2 cut to 8 pieces (lengthwise)
Tomato 1 small, cut to 4 pieces
Cumin powder 1 level tsp
Coriander powder 1 heapped tsp (double of cumin gegerally).. Absolutely optional)
Red chili powder ( 1 level tsp)
Turmeric 11/2 level tsp ( don’t reduce)
Mustard oil 2 tbsp ( for the curry, extra needed for sallow frying the fish)  
Ginger paste 1 tsp and 1 tsp (heaped)
Sugar 1/3 tsp ( sugar to taste , not to sweeten)
For tempering
Bay leaf 1,
cumin 1 level tsp,
dry red  chili whole 2
black pepper 5

Clean fish and marinate with turmeric and salt (this turmeric and salt is in addition to what mentioned above) . Keep aside for 1 hr
Take the cumin, coriander, chili, turmeric powder and 1 heap tsp ginger paste  and soak in water for ½ hr and make a thick slurry.
take oil in a flat pan, heat and sallow fry the fish on high heat for 3 minutes for each side. Remove .
In the pan take fresh oil and make it up to 2 -3 tbsp . ( you may discard the used oil and take all fresh)
Heat the oil to smoking, remove from heat and add the tempering. Return to reduced heat and put the potato,
Sauté for 4-5 minutes, and add the spice paste. Fry on high heat for 2 minutes or when just the oil starts separating. Add the tomato and stir for 2 minutes
Add 2 cups water, salt and sugar, bring to boil.
Boil vigorously for 5 minutes with cover. (this is important to disperse the oil and turmeric to get that uniform emulsion and rich colour.
Remove cover and add the fish, reduce heat to medium put cover.
Turn the fish and boil for another 3 minutes.
Add more water or expel water by boiling under full heat to get the consistency of the jhol ( it will be runny)
Eat with rice and may be with a dash of lemon.