Friday, December 4, 2015



I was dreaming a cricket match between FB and the food Bloggers, play duration is of 1 year (2015). The food bloggers had handicap 4. (Here handicap means bloggers will play 4 innings, FB 1, and Bloggers will open and paly 4 innings continuously, then FB will follow on). The FB won by 10 wickets.
The bad dream was over. And I was delighted to see I had scored 1 run in one year , in Feb 15, so no maiden over for FB .. let me score 1 more run till 31st Dec …by posting this recipe

It is basically a sauce dominated by roasted sesame paste and garlic. In Tahini, sesame paste and virgin olive oil is used. Here I will use virgin mustard oil. Spring onion is incidental . it is reasonably chili hot, but you can do away with it. For pure vege dish, you can avoid garlic, onion and you will get the taste.

Paneer ( cottage cheese) 200 grams (with total solid ( fat, carbs, protein) , not less than 45%) I use Mother dairy or amul
Spring onion 200 grams ( with more green than the bulb)
Dehusked / hulled sesame 3 tbsp ( level) (if you don’t get dehusked sesame , go ahead with white sesame )
Mustard paste 2 level tsp 
Green chili 10 ( hot , hotter, hottest, none)
Garlic 6 cloves
Red chili powder 1 level tsp or none
Turmeric 1 level tsp
Amchur 1 heap tsp
Lemon juice 20 ml ( 4 tsp)
Sugar 1/4th tsp ( sugar to taste not to sweeten)
Curd 2 level tsp ( optional)
Mustard oil 50 ml ( or olive oil or any other oil)

Cut paneer to 1 inch cube.. prepare 300 ml water and salt solution
Deep fry paneer in very hot oil for a minute to brown them or shallow fry in a non stick pan , with high heat to get it little brown on all sides. Very fast.
Drop the fried paneer in salt water and allow them to soak for at least 30-60 min. reserve the salt water
Chop the spring onion 10 mm. chop the green chili to 5 mm
Smash and chop fine the garlic cloves,
Roast sesame seeds to light brown, grind to a powder
Mix all ingredients, including paneer, oil, 50 ml of salt water, little more salt together.

Take the mix in a thick bottom Kadhai .
Put on a high flame, stir and scrape occasionally, till the oil stats to come out.

Devour as it is or with paratha , rice