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Bathua sag is available in winter and my most favorite for making Kadi, Paratha, stir fry. It is a key ingredient in making the famous sharsho ka sag.
Sag mutton is very popular but it uses mostly Spinach and rarely a mixed sag of Mustard, Spinach and Bathua , Normally I don't use spinach in winter,

Here I will be using mutton , but you can use chicken and for vege use fried paneer and for temple dish eliminate onion garlic and Hing 

* 500 gms, Meat goat or lamb with bone in, say about 8 to 10 pieces
* 400 gms Bathua sag plant  (use leaves  only and top soft stem) 
* 50-70 gms onion  finely chopped
* 10 cloves garlic ( fat one or 15 small one ) coarsely chopped
* 75 gms Tomato cut to small pieces
*  1 level tsp cumin powder, 1 level tsp each of coriander, red chili and turmeric       powder, mixed with water to a  paste
* 1/3 level tsp Hing ( LG, MDH etc )
* Green chili 4-6, chopped 
* 25 gms ginger chopped 
* 45 ml mustard oil + 15 ml ghee for garnish ( you can use all ghee)
* 1/2 level tsp sugar ( to taste , not to sweeten)
For the tempering 
 1 level tsp  cumin, 3 dry red chili, 1 tej pata. 8 black pepper , 3 cardamom, 3 cloves, 1 black cardamom , 11/2 inch Cinnamon

Cleaning of Bathua sag,,
It is most important because it has lot of sand and one sand particle under your teeth will spoil the food.
Pluck leaves and soft top of the stem , cut them coarsely and put into a container with at least 10 inch depth. Fill with water , Now float wash the sag by shaking your palm , The sand will settle and sag will keep floating , Take  out sag from the top and keep aside, drain water and wash container thoroughly. Again wash the sag and repeat  the washing 3 times. After 3rd wash slowly drain the water and see if sand is still there at the bottom, If sand is there , repeat washing ,

Heat oil in a thick bottom deep pan or a pressure cooker,
Give tempering of cumin red chili black pepper , hing and then add garlic onion followed by bay , leaf cardamoms, clove and cinnamon,
when Onion is translucent or slightly brown add the spice paste, chopped ginger, green chili and fry for few min, add Tomato and fry for 3 min , 
Add the meat and saute for 5 min, add salt,

add sag step by step allowing to shrink and water to come out. Mix well and simmer at low flame till the meat is done ( 30 to 40 min), add sugar and mix , ghee and mix well, The water should mostly dry out but the sag must remain wet,

Alternatively , pressure cook for 10 minutes or till the meat is done, Expel all excess water under high heat and stirring, add sugar, ghee and adjust salt, 
Eat with roti , paratha , rice, Pulao etc,

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