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Please ignore the word PING, it is related to some computer jargon. I liked it so used it.

Here no preamble, I am trying to put a very traditional Bong recipe with a variation. Here I will use fried fish, normally raw fish is used. You can use raw ones also). You can use any fish of your choice. I will be using weak spices and no medium spice like cumin, strong spice like methi seeds  , fennel or garam masalas. Will keep the flavour of fried red chili paste as dominant smell (don’t get confused between smell ,taste and flavour , they have different meaning all together  )  and supplemented with  very weak spice of coriander powder.  The tempering will be also with a weak spice, the kala jeera, (Nigela) .


*Fish : Tengra/Tyangra/ kantia (in Odiya) and of Batasio family, like BATASIO BATASIO  , 9 pieces , 500 grams ( in rainy season chose the pregnant fish in full term)

* Potato 2 medium cut to half-moon 12 mm thick
* Tomato, 2 inch long, cut to 4 or 6 pieces
* Red chili powder 1 heap tbsp. (hottest or mildest , your choice)
* Coriander powder 2 heap tsp
* Mustard powder  2 level  tsp, ( Korean make or Bong make ,)  Or if not available, grind 3      level  tsp mustard , soak in water and filter .
* Chopped onion 1 cup (US cup of 8 oz or 240 ml approx.)
* 4 cloves garlic smashed and chopped
* Nigela ( kala jeera ) 1 level tsp
* Dry red chili 2
* Turmeric – 1 tsp level
* Green chili, broken, 4
* !/3 tsp sugar
* Oil Mustard 3 tbsp + 2 tsp (olive pomace will do or any white oil) (over and above required for sallow frying)
* Oil for frying the fish

Soak coriander powder, mustard powder, chili and turmeric powder in water and leave aside for 30 minute
Clean fish, marinade in salt and turmeric. (This turmeric is extra over what is mentioned above)
Sallow fry the fish to light brown on both sides ( CAUTION : The cat fish skin may explode violently  so as soon as you add fish cover it and when you turn over , cover immediately )
In the same oil add potato and fry , till brown spots develop. Keep aside
Make up the oil to 3 tbsp , heat and give nigella and red chili tempering , add smashed garlic. After 30 seconds add the finely chopped onion.
Sauté the mix to make it slightly translucent, it should not be fried and more towards raw. If you are tempted to make it light brown to brown, don’t do it. I will give you same fish recipe with fried onion and strong spicing system
Add the soaked spice, stir fry till a little oil appears. Add the potatoes, salt and fry for 1 min
Add I cup ( 180 ml ) water and the tomato .
Add 1/3rd tsp sugar (this is to taste not to sweeten)
Bring to full boil, cover and reduce heat .
When Potatoes are almost done add the fish and boil for 5 min, add raw mustard oil .

Done . 

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