Monday, September 15, 2014

SEI ILISH MACHHER JHAL WITH GINGER (That lish fish jhal with ginger )

SEI ILISH MACHHER JHAL WITH GINGER (That lish fish jhal with ginger )

As a marketing man one must know the expressed need of customers. But a successful marketing man must understand the implied need of a customer. And if you can understand the implied need of wife, sky is the limit for your success as a    marketing guy.
So when my wife said “Can you cook Sei ( that)  ilish jhal , you used to cook in Motijhil days in Calcutta and also cooked few times in 90s before you set sail to Korea ?”
“Yes of course “ (without knowing what is yes of course)
So to understand the implied need , I had to cross examine like a lawyer and could understand what she meant .
So here it is

Ilish fish (4 to 6 pieces) ( the quantity of other things will remain same irrespective of the fish pieces). You can use any oily fish like Aarh Boal  pabda salmon  herring,  cord etc etc ) . Smear fish with turmeric and salt. (this turmeric is extra)
Extra virgin mustard oil 3 tbs + 1 tbsp (EVOO most welcome too) ( oil is same for cooking up to 10 pieces)
Sunrise mustard powder or Korean Mustard powder 2 heap tsp.  Or grind and filter yellow or black or combo 4 tsp heaped).
Full fat (6 % ) curd 2 heap tbsp.  ( u can use non fat curd also)
Ginger paste 1 level tsp
Red chili powder 1 level  tsp
Turmeric powder 11/2 level tsp
Green chili hot 4
Dry red chili 2
Kala jeera (nigella) 3/4th level tsp

Soak mustard, red chili and turmeric powder in water for 30 minutes
Whip in the curd and required salt into the mixture and make it very smooth.
In a Kadhai add 3 tbsp. oil and start warming (don’t take to smoking), add kala jeera and red dry chili . Continue heating till foaming starts and take to full heat.
Add the fish, gently sauté for 2-3  minutes
Add ½ cup water bring to boil.
Add the spice curd mix green chilis,  ginger paste and mix well bring to full boil while continuously stirring. (This is important to get that creamy consistency). Cover and reduce heat.
  After 3-4 minutes turn the fish, cover and continue heat for 2-3 minutes .
Add 1 tbsp mustard oil / EVOO and heat for 1-2 minutes .

Dish is ready for rice 

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Sutapa said...

ilish is always a heaven delight for Bong foodies...Dada this has all it's charm in it's simplicity...awesomeilicious make!