Monday, July 15, 2013


Patol is one of the few vegetables that I eat. Now it is Porl season and I am eating to my heart. Here is one fast and simple recipe which you will like .
Patol is cooked in mustard garlic paste with a lemon tinge at the end.  The garlic is deliberately not fried to keep the garlic aroma low.
PATOL 6-8 ,whole,  It must be young and not ripe ( inside should be white)
Garlic 4 cloves
Mustrad powder 2 heap tsp (Sunrise make or Korean powder) else take 4-5 tsp mustard seed, grind , slurry in water and filter out the husk using a strainer. Discard the husk
Red chili powder  ½  tsp ( quantity and quality your choice)
Turmeric 1 level  tsp
Green chili 4
Sugar 1/4th tsp ( sugar to taste and not to sweeten)  
Oil Mustrad oil 2 -3 tbsp ( or you can use any other oil including Olive Pomace oil)
10 -20 ml lemon juice ( to be adjusted by you, little sour tinge to  sour )
For tempering
Mustard and cumin 1/3 tsp each
Black pepper whole 5
Dry red chili 1 or 2

Peel the patols longitudinally leaving long stip of skin alternately ( this is to keep the dimensional stability.
Make transverse cut less than half way to the centre,  and 3-4 mm apart. The cut shall be from opposite side also. The cut is generally at 60-75 degree to the centre axis (forgive my engineering terms)

Sprinkle salt and keep aside
Smash garlic and chop   fine   ( you may give a  rub with kitchen knife and little salt, on the chopping board)
Mix mustard paste, chili and turmeric powder, garlic and make up to 1 cup water.
Heat oil in a Kadai ( deep pan), give tempering , add the potol with balance salt.
Saute for 3-4 minutes ( no frying ).
Pour the mustard mix, green chili, make up water a bit if needed, add the sugar .

Cover and cook till the patol is done.
Reduce water by fast boiling till oil appears a little. Stiring will be necsary to prevent sticking .
Adjust salt.
Eat with Rice,, roti and Paratha.

NOTE: If you want a strong fried garlic aroma,, then chop garlic and add to the tempering. 


tina mazumdar said...

i also love potol and this one is surely a yummilicious dish!

Biny's Recipes said...

gud one and super quick

Sayantani said...

ami banabo. ki sundor lal lal jhal jhal dekhte.

Zareena said...

I have heard about this vegetable, but never ate this before. The curry looks delicious and perfect.

Mandira said...

Ki darun dekhte hoyeche. I have never tried it with garlic before. Try korbo :)