Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BEGUN TOMATO MICRO CHA-CHADI (Eggplant and tomato)

Today there is no story or incident to narrate. Every body had gala time on cakes and cookies, and all exotic dishes on New year. And the poor joker ( yes  yes you are right, that was me) was busy making fish, mutton and chicken tikkas, sitting in front of a charcoal BBQ contraption...OK end of the ordeal was good as every body liked the tikka and asking for the recipe....I did not tell them that for charcoal grill no recipe was needed. ( Thanks to Sanjeev Kapoor).
So I thought I would post a simple Bengali recipe which you should be able to make in 15 minutes and watch TV too in between.
This is a simple Bati ( bowl) cha-chaDi , made in Micro...Ingredients are all added raw , no frying but it will have a high note of Turmeric.(..if you dont like turmeric ( not so frightening as it may appear) you may not make this dish) , a mild note of Panch foDon ( 5 spices of bengal and orissa), high chili and the fragrance of Mustrad oil. Believe me, if you can get a good quality of olive oil, non-bongs can use it and it tastes real good minus the pungency of mustard...
Egg plant 2 cups , chopped to 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch pieces.
Tomato 1 medium, cut to 1/2 inch 
green chili 3 cut to 1/2 inch ( more the merrier) 
Onion 1 medium sliced.
turmaric powder 1 tsp 
red chili powder ( absolutely optional only for hot chili eaters) 
Panch PhoDon 1/2 tsp  if you dont have forget it) 
Mustard oil 11/2 tbsp ( olive oil will do)
salt to taste
Sugar 1 or 3/4th tsp level ( This is for taste and not sweetening)
coriander leaves ( optional) chopped 1 tbsp
ginger, fine chopped 1 tsp
Mix all of these in a micro proof  glass or ceramic ware with a ceramic lead ( you can put a 1/2 plate on top to cover)
Put in the micro with the cover and run  at 700 to 900 watt for 3 minutes
Remove and mix well and again put back and run for 3 minutes,
Cover and run for few minutes...for the timing I will rely on your ensure that all the ingredients are cooked and soft.
devoure with , roti, paratha or hot rice. I love it with rice as it is extra hot.
Do whatever you want , one can replace eggplant with fried paneer or use sliced potato, zucchini , ridge gourd,  cauliflower or cabbage etc etc.

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Faiza Ali said...

Another yummy recipe...looks tempting..but, why no stories or incidents today? We love reading your stories :)

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

yummy... I love this with poda baingan and poda tomatoes...

prasu said...

wow..................tasty tomato eggplant curry.............good to hear that u had a yummy new year...

Gulmohar said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time during the holidays :-) This sounds very easy and yumm..Thanks for sharing :-)

Ushnish Ghosh said...

@ dear Faiza
Getting myself BBQes was the story :-), actually I am getting very busy these days due to some unforeseen activities.
@ Dear Somoo
That reminds me of PoDa Baigana and Bilati baigana, please post if you haven't yet ( let me check your blog)
@dear Prasu
Thank you, try this if you want (not a big dish though,)
@dear Gulmohar
Thank you..ya I had a great time as I met many family members friends after a long time that too on New Year
Best wishes

shahana said...

Im going to try this recipe soon.I like these type of easy recipies.But could you please tell me what are the 5 spices included in the "Panch PhoDon"

Indrani said...

Looking so appetizing,, a micro recipe and it's so simple to make..definitely try korbo soon...awesome

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Shahana
Please do try
Panch = 5
PhoDon = seasoning or tempering
These are combination of 3 strong spice fenugreek, fennel, cumin and mild ones Nigela ( Kala jeera) and Mustrad.
I have not used the spice as a seasoning, but added raw just to get a mild flavor keeping the green chili, eggplant and turmeric flavor in place.
But as mentioned, you need not use any or put a bit of cumin or Nigela.
Have nice day.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Indrani
Try Kor-e dekho ar tomar innovativeness use kor-e nio...Panch PhoDon Na diye kalo jeere kichhu na dileo cholbe..(tumi to jano :-))..sombora diye tar par mix Kor-e micro kor-te paro...etc etc
Bhalo theko

Pari said...

I have to try this soon Ushnish da. I can just imagine the flavours. Thanks for sharing.

Kanchan said...

hmm , Microwaveable recipe ! Nice healthy way to start new year with :D

The knife said...

Hi Ushnishda, this was a dish we used to do years back when he had begun cooking. Chop lot of veggies, haldi, chilly powder, bung it in the micro and cook...then gave it up.

Stopping mid way and mixing that you suggested is a nice idea

Gouri Guha said...

Ushnishda, the dish looks appetising...and something new to try...

Ushnish Ghosh said...

@Dear Pari, Kanchan, Gouri and Kalyan (knife)
Hey this is a very old dish and nothing new in it :-)and normally cooked in a Kadhai, I still do ( not in non stick). You know that slight sticking and scrapping off the material mixing has a devine taste that one doesnt get in Micro or non stick

Nandini said...

It's a zappy spicy dish! Suitable with chapathis (hey, no anger plz 'cuz I know you hate those stupid ones)! I wish I could have it with rice! x3

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Nandini be very frank, we eat chapati in the night. I dont want to trouble some one --bong rice eating means 3 dishes are needed.
Happy coking

Sanjana said...

This is so perfect for students! All that needs to be done is prep, then just zap it in the microwave- so simple and I bet it tastes amazing! Aww, I'm sorry you had to stand in front of a BBQ during the new year! I bet you would have rather have been eating (I know I would have!) Great recipe here- when I go back to my university house next week I will have to try it! (I'm currently at home for the holidays, enjoying my mum's cooking!) Take care!

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sanjana
Thanks for the complements..Dont worry I will equip you with
tasty and fast cooking recipes when you are back at univ house. But dont forget to continue with exotic dishes that you usually cook and to post.
Take care and enjoy vacation

Latha said...

Great to know that u had a wonderful new year..

Thanks for this easy and yummy recipe.

vineetha said...

I am a fan of quick and easy recipes..Loved this recipe.

SE(Denufood) said...

love the tomato and eggplant, one of a regular in our home...but i am planning to make the 5phoDon masala, just for a change from our regular masalas

Sarah Naveen said...

Hey Ushnish,
Same here..I dint make any cakes and cookies for the holidays, since i dont eat any of these..hahhah...
This veg curry sounds easy to make and a quick fix for a meal..

Viki's Kitchen said...

So you had a gala time n a BBQ party for New year. That's really a fantastic idea to celebrate . I m sure your friends are so lucky to get u.... Brinjal in MW has come out very nice. simple recipes like this will always come handy, when I feel lazy:)Thanks for sharing this.

Dolly said...

No story this time..see you have spoilt us now..we always look for some story or funny incidents here.
Your Begun Tomato looks awesome. I love all easy breazy recipes.It comes very handy on days I'm running around with 2 kids and my older one's after school activities. So ur charcoal grilled tikkas were a big hit at New year's party..I'm sure you had fun too seeing the smile and the satisfaction on ur friend's faces as they ate away ur tikkas. Since I still have'ngt tried any Bengali dishes on my blog yet..will it be too much to ask if you could be a guest author/Chef on my blog and post a Bengali REcipe for my followers..most of them already know you. Let me know.

Preeti Kashyap said...

My fav veggie...looks lovely!

Sayantani said...

Ushnishda Darun recipe. ami kakhano micro te ranna karar chesta korini kintu eta try korbo. ami besh kadin chuti niechilam. anek recipe dekhchi ...need time to catch up.
between Wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Siddhi Shirsat said...

Hey very nice n quick recipe...gud idea of making it in microwave.Nice combo of eggplants n tomatoes.Nice spices used as usual.I always like the way u use spices

kothiyavunu said...

Nice to hear that u had a wonderful new year..Oh, YUM! I love egg plant and your dish looks amazingly delicious! The recipe also sounds simple,I'll definitely give it a try.Thanks for sharing.:)

Malar Gandhi said...

Dear Ushnish,

Guess, you all had a good time around the BBQ party...people are so lucky to have you around.:)

Cooking in 15 minutes sounds kool. Sure, it had turned out great.

I like pungent mustard oil...only thing that is missing is 'Bong 5 spice powder'...can you let me know the 5 ingredients that go into it...will try making it!

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sangeetha (Kothiyavunu)
Dear Latha
Dear Vineetha
Dear Preeti
Thank you very much for your appreciation and support. I Feel good and proud too!!
Have a nice day

@Dear SE
You will love Panch PhoDon as it has Methi and fennel the strong spice. Start using where specified only particularly in Bong and Oriya dishes. Then you can experiment.

Have a nice day

Ushnish Ghosh said...

@ Dear Sarah
Thank you. You didn't bake cake because you dont eat, I didn't because I dont know how to ha ha
@ Dear Siddhi
Thank you
@Dear Viki
Thank you, this recipe is quite handy , you can try other vege m I have put few names.
@ sayantani
This Bati chachadi is really good in a Kadai, micro is just to make it fast on a lazy day
Chhuti-r recipe der chhuti te thakte dao..eto ranna jano tumi, du-dash-ta miss hol-e kis-su (Kichhu) :-) Jae ase-na
Bhalo theko

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Dolly
Thank you so much for the complement "spoilt us now" ha ha , actually I am bit hard pressed on time, thats why I put a short cut recipe to cut short the time.
Of course I can be a guest author, please let me know how to go about it. You can post what I have posted already..
Have a nice day

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Malar
Go ahead and make it without the Panch PhoDon. Please see my comment above @ sahana for the 5 spice combination.
Please use it only where it is specified (Bong, Oriya dishes)as seasoning, or raw or powdered form.It is a very strong spice system, so after getting used to it ( U will love it) on specified recipes, then only do experiments.
Have a nice day

Chetana said...

Dear Ushnish,
Dis looks yumm... since eggplant being my fav veggie i luv all recipes connected to it.
M also a fan of panch has a very dinstictive & long lasting flavor.

Sudeshna said...

Hi Ushnish,
Thats a lovely recipe from the microwave. If you wish do send it to the ongoing event on our blog - Monthly Mingle: Winter Fruits and Vegetables.

My Experiments with Food said...

Wow! Eggplant in microwave. I make it atleast once every week, for the lunch box! Since I have a 2 burner stove, it means that now I can save more time. Yippee!

Akal's Saappadu said...

Hi Ushnish,

mutton/chicken & fish tikkas around a bbq, that kinda party seems warming and friendly & romantic !!!

your "BEGUN TOMATO MICRO CHA-CHADI" looks amazingly tempting; usally, I don't like doing microwave food (I just use it to heat up)but this version looks absolutely succulent with those colourful veggies.

vineetha said...

Hi ushnish ji,
Thank you so much for ur feedback..I really appreciate the effort u took to know more about rogan josh from a chef.
Infact when I searched for the recipe,sanjeev kapoors recipe which I think is an aunthentic rogan josh didnot have any onions,tomato or garlic but Some other chefs used it,since I thought rogan josh would be more delicious with onions and tomatoes I preferred onion,tomato,garlic version.
Please let me know if u cook an authentic version.Thanks again for your feedback.
Have a nice day :)

vineetha said...

Hi ushnish ji,
Thank you so much for letting me know about the kashmiri ingredients..
If you r going to try my rogan josh I will be so happy :)It means a loot to me.Till now nobody other than you has told me that they tried a recipe from my space....
Happy cooking !!

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Akal
Thank you so much for taking out time to post your comments on all my blogs. I feel good :-)
I dont cook in Micro. Even this dish is also cooked in a Kadhai. That little bit of over frying of the ingredients make all the difference.
I am sure you are fully charged up after a great vacation.
Have a nice weekend.

Malar said...

Hi Ushinish Ghosh,
Thanks for ur comment dear.Kuzhambu means gravy..You can add mutton gravy(this is optional)

my kitchen said...

Simple & Delicious one,looks really good

San!!! said...

Hi ushnish sir,your Begun tomato micro cha chadi looks very delectable.Even i prefer kadai to get the tenderness of the vegetables.Seems you had a blast cooking n entertaining your family n friends for the new year.I prefer adding lil ghee to it when eating with rice :) My mom prepares it really well just missing it :( Will be visiting india next month so i will get to eat all the food prepared by mom that could entertain my taste buds.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear San
What a great reminder...begun and ghee combination....please get the detailed recipe from Mom, and post it , or mail me ha ha.
Actually I cook mostly in ghee except where mustard oil is mandatory.
Have a nice weekend

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear friends
thank you so much for your comments and valued feed back
have a nice weekend

Spice said...

HAppy NEw Year to U & your family.......I too make this the eggplant....

vineetha said...

I would like to share an award with u. pls aceept it.

vineetha said...

Dear usnish ji,
Thanks for letting me know that ur rogan josh prepration became a hit..I am so happy that u liked and such encouraging comments will inspire me to continue my blogging.

Shri said...

The eggplant and tomato combination looks very inviting, Ushnish!

Faiza Ali said...

There is an award for you on my blog...Kindly accept it.

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

why will you be off blogging ? Those food stories are awesome... Also reminds me of good old days at home...
ANyway take care and hope to see you back soon...