Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CHHOLAR DAL PHUL KOFI ( Bengal gram dal with Cauli flower)

Teacher will beat me, beat me not; she loves me, loves me not; Maa will catch me, catch me not....and  it goes on my school days in a small sub-dividional town of Orissa I used to pick up a straw ( the real ones, not the one we use for coke et al.....) and decide my fate for the time. Now it is different,  pick up a Curry patta sprig and start plucking the leaves one by one, chanting the Mantra "SOMEONE will shout at me, shout at me not .....or ...will put a nigella seasoning....will put a cumin seasoning...
But today it was bit tough to decide because I wanted to post the last recipe of the year. ...So I picked up a curry patta and started plucking leaves...veg to post ..non-veg  to post, twice it came non vege and it was not in line with the desired outcome. ( Like if it ends with loves me start all over the way if you are using a coke straw of standard length, always start with the result you dont want . But it was tough in childhood days , the length of an actual straw I used to keep on trying until I got the desired results..after all who wanted to be caned in the class,
Same was the case today...I was biased to post a vege ( Jain dish) for all, including my vege friends, we non veges have the advantage of eating vege as a delicacy and non-veg as a day to day staple diet..
After plucking several sprigs I arrived at " Vege dish". Now the kitchen counter is littered with curry leaves. So I have picked up many sprigs of curry leaves, plucking  and chanting " SOME ONE will shout at me, shout at me not,,,,,"
The reason for posting a vege dish at the end of the year, is simple...all of my  blog followers, which are few, can cook it in 2010....and it is a great dish I tell you...
It is a traditional Bong dish, having a strong note of cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. ( I have spared our much loved spice, the clove, in honor of my maternal grand mom, (who never used clove in this dish, as a respect to cinnamon flavor). I shall also share a secrete of thickening the Bengal gram dal without over boiling the gram dal. The flavor of souted Cauli flower, gram, cocnonut and the spices is just too good. It always figures as a party dish when there is a mix of Bongs, Malayali, Punjabi and Gujarati, Jain, Tamil etc friends. 
Chana dal ( bengal gram) 1 cup
Moong dal 1 tbsp ( This is the secrete of thickening chana dal , every body knows it and every body says it is secrete , open secrete :-). Dont be tempted to add more; 1 tbsp is 1 tbsp per cup.
Cauli flower -1 about 8 inch dia, 8-12 florets
 grated coconut 3 tbsp ( originally 8mmX6mmX4 mm pieces were used, you can use too)
oil/ ghee for stir frying  Gobi 1 tbsp
 For boiling dal
broken green chili 2
Turmeric 1 tsp
Bay leaf 1
Cinnamon 1 inch, broken into pieces.
Cardamom 2 smashed
Black pepper 6-8 smashed


for seasoning
bay leaf 1
dry chili 2
Cumin 1 tsp level.
cinnamon 1/2 inch broken into big pieces
Cardamom 4
Black pepper 10 number
Ghee 1 tbsp 
other spices  ( mixed together and soaked in water, thin paste)
cumin powder 1 tsp level, 
Red chili powder 1 tsp level ( more the merrier),+1 tsp Kashmiri mirch
Ginger paste 1 tbsp
Ghee 1 tbsp
Garam masala powder 1 tsp  ( made from cinnamon and cardamom. No clove to be used)
Roasted cumin powder 1 tsp 
Sugar 2 tsp level ( for taste) , ( for Bong and Gujarati friends 2 tbsp or more, for sweetening) 
Wash gram and Moong dal and soak for 2 hrs or more.
In a pressure cooker take dal and  soft water ( or bottled mineral water); just sufficient to soften the dall, may be around 2 to 3 cups.
Add spices given under "for boiling dal" and pressure cook. Normally chana dal will take 6-7 minutes if it is soaked for 2-3 hrs or more.
In a thick bottom Kadhai , put 1tbsp oil or ghee and stir fry Cauli flower . This is just to ensure that few brown spots develop on Gobi at random and you get the aroma of fried Gobi. This step can be eliminated too.No dip frying is to be done. 
Remove Gobi and add 1tbsp of ghee for seasoning , when hot add seasoning followed by the coconut , reduce flame and soute for 1 min
Add spice paste soute and you will get the cumin aroma ( dont burn)
Add water just to soften Gobi and mix well.
Add the Cauliflower, salt and mix. (caution  there is salt in dal already)
 cover and boil.
When Gobi is done, drive off water if necessary. ( It may not be necessary as you may need to add water in dal if it is too thick.) 
Add sugar as given above and transfer the dal to the Kadhai. Adjust salt  and water if needed.
Bring to boil.
Add 1 tbsp ghee, garam masala and roasted cumin powder, mix and cover immediately.
Eat with rice, vege Pulao, famous Kanika Pulao of Orissa or with roti, Paratha. I generally eat one small bowl full straight from the pan.
Try this in 2010.

I also cook  roasted Moong dal in the same way. You can try too.

Happy New year and Happy cooking and happy feeding of near and dear ones through out 2010. See you next year 
Flowers for my dear foodie friends


vineetha said...

Again a new dish too me..looks good.

Cool Lassi(e) said...

I am glad you posted a veggie recipe. I am quite put off by meat and such after eating them on a daily basis. This looks like an excellent side-dish for roti and such. Love the hibiscus shot.

I wish you a Happy and prosperous new year 2010.

Sarah Naveen said...

Oh My!!! Hahhaha..I really enjoyed reading how you decided at your Veg dish. That was really interesting...
Did SOMEONE shout at you?
This combo is new to me.SOunds great and looks simply yummy!!!

Pari said...

Dear Ushnish Da,
Yummy recipe and full of flavors. Wish u and ur family a happy NEW YEAR.
I treasure my small curry plant so I guess I can understand...

Preeti Kashyap said...

love the pic and the recipe!

The knife said...

Aare Ushishda, that was a secret. I didn't know about moong daal.

I came to india when i was 8. Wouldn't eat any indian food. except my granny' luchi and chholar daal.

We've made chholar daal a few time off late. Nice. But no luchi as Didu is in calcutta

prasu said...

I know to use curry leaves for seasoning but don't know to use them for deciding what to cook....hehe good one.lovely write up....cauliflower curry looks absolutely delicious. Happy New year........Ushnish Ji.

sangeeta said...

I love chholar daal n have had it with paneer , with gobi this is the first time i am hearing about it...

The tip of starting with coke straw by the result you don't want is great...but i have never done that actually ...what other food ingredients can be used for this ??

kothiyavunu said...

Dear Ushinish,
lovely write up....combo sounds great and looks delicious...will try it..:) Thanks for sharing.

Gulmohar said...

That's a flavorful dish..Looks very delicious. What plans for the New year eve..?? Wish you and your family a wonderful 2010 !!!

Vrinda said...

Nice curry with gobi..Which moong daal did u use,green or yellow?Happy new year to u and family

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Haha - love the decision making process... Its the process that matters - outcome can be changed to suit the need...
I loved your tip on adding the moong dal - that was a secrep to me...
Awesome one and a Happy New Year to you and your family

Pavithra said...

Ha ha nice decision.. looks yumm and Nice combo of spices.. should try this combo.

Gouri Guha said...

Ushnishda, (hope you don't mind the Da added to your name),
Cholar dal and phul kopi, good combination...and a secret falls out from your kitchen, ha ha ha...
Love cholar dal with luchi.

Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

...and keep smiling...

Amrita said...

Thanks for the vegetarian recipe
I had read in one of your earlier posts that some of your frienemies ( have "adviced" you to get down to cooking business straightaway. I want to say this that I am glad that you did not follow their "advice". I love your "crap". Needless to say...I love your recipes too...
oh...but only the vegetarian ones!!

Kanchan said...

This is a very new combination for me ! And love your veg or non veg both dishes, both are always equally tempting :)

my kitchen said...

I will prepare this in little different.Perfect with roti & rice. Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year dear:)

Nostalgia said...

Very nice. liked it. I am glad you chose vegetarian dish cos I need more of them...this was wonderful

PJ said...

looks great and perfect for the winter!

Siddhi Shirsat said...

Hey happy new year 2 u n ur family...!!!
this dish luks tempting...loved the spices which r used, must say all bong recipes has awesome spice combos and this gr8 cook enhances it more:-).
Vl try this curry surely.

Bong Mom said...

Happy New Year Ushnish Da and Boudi

I have never had Cholar dal with kofi, that is awesome

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Friends
Happy new year and thank you for your appreciations. I feel good that I could get some recognition from great cooks like you all.
As I have always maintained, Vege dishes are all delicacies for me. In fact many of my non-vege dishes carry vegetables. I try to give a vege option for a non-vege dish..
Have a nice day and a year ahead :-)

Malar Gandhi said...

Ha ha...that very hilarious write-up, once again from everyone has a way to predict their fate then...

I will try with real straw from my yard, today...he he.

Recipe sounds interesting, good that your posted veggie version...everyone likes it:)

Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.:)

Indrani said...

Wish you & boudi a happy, healthy new year still make your decision same way..nice..cholar dal phulkopi diye amar favorite amio banai...ami anek din age ekta post karechilam cholar dal begun diye..try kare dekhben..excellent tasty..your comments really cheer me up..thanks a lot, dada

Dolly said...

Wow, a great way to end 2009. A beautiful and funny write-up and a delicious and inviting recipe- Bengal Gram dal with Cauliflower. Perfect. Will surely try this recipe. I have'nt tried any Bengali dishes yet, so its going to be soon and Your blog will be my source for the authentic bengali dishes.
Wishing you and your family a happy, fun filled and healthy 2010. Also let me thank you for all the love and support extended to me and my blog. That surely is a great motivation to keep blogging.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Indrani
I shall certainly try, never made chholar dal with begun.
Bhalo theko

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Dolly
I feel goos reading your appreciation.
I have very few bengali dishes posted here.
For great Bengali recipes visit these blogs
Indrani ( Appayan)
Bong mom
Sayantani (A home maker's diary)
Gouri Guha ( Didibhai's kitchen)
Indira ( Krishnakai-r kitchen)
If you cant find the site, I will send you the address.
Have a nice weekend

Nandini said...

That's a lovely dish! I love cauliflower! I was smirking at the straw thing. Heh!

Sayantani said...

Ushnishda, prothome New yearer anek anek shubho kamona. khub bhalo thakun apnara sabai.

ei daal ta kakhano khaini tabe dekhei ichche korche kata luchi bheje plate niye bose pori. bookmark korlam.
aar cholar dal e mug meshano ta amar kache sotti notun. jantam na ebhabe ghano kora jay ami mainly ektu alu seddho ditam. thanks for sharing.

Siddhi Shirsat said...

hey m in goa nly...y u said columbia? is it related now?
hey n 1 mre thng u must hv njoyed dng all ur tikka dishes...m waitng for the recipes in ur blog now...hope 2 c thm sun...hearing the names nly i got tempted 2 eat thm

Viki's Kitchen said...

very new recipe for me, but like it very much.
Wish you and family a very happy and prosperous New year Ushnish.

Chetana said...

Hi Ushnish,
M new to ur site...but it kept me glued wit ur beautiful pictures, yummy recipes n creative cum funny writings...never heard of dis recipe before...guess will learn sumthing from you.
Happy cooking.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Siddhi
The net is flooded with tikkas, nothing new in that...but I shall try to post one with some tips. But mind you , a char coal grill is a must,,the oven, or simulated charcoal ( Lava stone heated with gas) grill in no match.
So get ready with a charcoal grill and I will tell you how to ignite a charcoal fire...( I know;;I knw you know it :-)

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Chetana
Thank you for your visit and the appreciations. I feel good that you liked my small blog sphere. Please do visit again
Have a nice week ahead.

Muraligeetham said...

very happy newyear to u ushnish..
since i was away for a while i missed your posts.
lovely combination ...I should try out this..thanks for sharing..

FoodLovers said...

Dear Ushnish ...
Happy new year to u and ur family members
lovely write up....combo sounds great and looks delicious...

Akal's Saappadu said...

hahaha, I imagine yourself in the kitchen saying your mantra with those poor curry leaves :):)

you know what, I've been cruel to roses in a similar manner; you see in my teen age years, we used to remove the petals of a rose, one by one, saying he loves me, he loves me not..... but never about the teacher or someone, hhihihihi!!

and it's nice that you've sticked up to those innocent games...

your dhal curry looks rich for a "dhal curry", nicely flavored as you've said and you know what, I have never known about that secret (adding moong dhal to thicken the channa); I'm glad I learnt something new today !!! nice curry!!

s said...

Great looking and interesting dish..

Sharmila Ganguly said...

Cooked it today morning ad Ma who is a 74 year old bengali loved it. What better compliment can you expect?

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sharmila
You have made my day really. Give my regards to dear mom. Thank you for tagging my blog. I dont have much of recipes there, but you will enjoy.
I am bit occupied and will be back to blogging in Feb. I shall visit your blog very soon.
Have a nice day

Deepa G Joshi said...

nice spicy the click..very tempting.