Monday, October 5, 2009


FISH IN GARLIC, GREEN CHILI, TOMATO, RED CHILI, MUSTARD , CUMIN AND MUSTARD OIL. ( Veg alternative to fish is also given for my Vegi friends) 

The other day I was pretty  bored and did not feel like doing anything even did not feel like cooking too..( I was scared, because if I didn't feel like cooking means I was sick).
So I decided to do something fast and landed up with this dish. This is nothing new at all  most of you know it.

The base is famous " Bati cha-chaDi " from Bengal. Nowadays the Besara is in my head , so I thought I would infuse a bit of Jeera powder and tomato chunck to make it bit tangy. So you can call it a fusion dish 


4 pieces of fish ( rui or any other)

6 green chili chopped to 20 mm pcs
6 pods of garlic sliced thin longitudinally
1/2 tsp Everest tikha red chili or less hot chili powder 3/4 tsp.
3/4 tsp Korean or cookme mustard powder ( you can use mustard paste) 
½ tsp jeera powder ( roasted and ground if you don't have it in stock, use raw powder)
1 tsp leveled turmeric powder
2 tbsp mustard oil ( olive oil )
¼ tsp hing ( LG brand (optional)
salt to taste
one large tomato cut to 2 cm pcs


Mix all ingredients except fish in a thick bottom vessel.
Add ½ cup water and bring to full boil . cover it and simmer for two minutes.
Add the fish and keep boiling, turn the fish and slowly dry out with little water left.
The tomato , garlic, green chili will remain visible 
( The oil should come out )
 Serve with rice.

Fish to be used. Any fish sea fish , sweet water fish, small fish etc etc
Increase spice and ingredients proportionately for larger quantity fish. 
You can use more oil no limit…
.Turmeric powder shall not be reduced.
 The spice shall not be fried  and all ingredients must be mixed cold and then heated up.
 You may garnish Coriander leaves
 Fry the fish lightly ( not dip fry) if you don’t eat dish prepared from un-fried fish.


If you don’t like hot chili, use kashmiri deghi mirch powder and lesser hot green chili…

To make Mustard paste

In most of the dishes I use Korean mustard powder which is quite good. 
To avoid bitter taste in mustard paste, it must be wet-ground very fast and for very short duration so that the husk (outer skin) doesn't break into fine pieces. It must be  filtered off immediately to separate the husk. Use the yellow filtrate and discard husk. (During grinding an enzyme is released from the husk and  the whole mass turns bitter due to enzyme reaction on long standing.)

In some dishes ( not this one) the paste is not filtered, and used as it is. In such case , make the paste just before using.


In place of fish , use long pieces of two Potatos ( skinned and pre-boiled ) or four small Baigan (brinjal) halved or both together.


Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Ahaa - your fusion dish... I make the my macha besara this way, but first I fry the fish. Again I dont get fresh fish here, so I have to fry fish 1st...
Good one... Enjoy your besara spree...

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Somoo
Thanks for your lively comment. are still managing to get some time on Blog even if Mom is not there!!!
The difference from Besara is, it is cold start cooking, and no chhunka (seasoning)and if you appreciate that aroma of subtle raw mustard oil with raw green chili, try it sometimes and replace fish with small pieces of Cauliflower and potato.
Besara is under hold due to lack of Ambula. I will go the Oriya shop at Delhi Jagannath temple to get it. ( Dont want to use the " Am-chur" in the 1st venture.
best wishes

Kothiyavunu said...

This fish fusion curry looks tempting & spicy!!Never tried Bengali dishes...Wann to give try..As u said, i will also start trying ur bengali recipes...:) Fish is my favorite food so love to experiment it..
Thanx a lot for visiting kothiyavunu and leading me to ur lovely space with wonderful recipes!!!Do try kothiyavunu recipes and pls let me know the outcome...hope u will like them:)

Have a great day!!Happy diwali!!!

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sangeetha
As a bengali, U know, I am a great fish lover too. It will have mustard oil, most of my friends from south (Barring the adventurous ones) don't like the raw mustard oil aroma..Try it , it is very simple. Let me know.
For some great Bengali dishes please visit Sharmila's site.
I am ready for Meen Mulakittathu every thing is lined up, will inform you
Happy Deepavali

Pari said...

Dear Ushnish,
I read your comment for me at Sangeeta's blog. Infact I had read this post earlier and when Sangeeta mentioned to me that she made your version of fish, I had told her I want to try it with aloo or brinjal and ur other suggestion Paneer also looks inviting.
As you like trying the authentic and traditional dishes, do find time to peep in my blog,probably you will like it.
Shubha Deepawali to you and ur family.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Pari
My apologies to you if you could not access my blog. Now I have found the reason. The other day I had to block 2 followers and your ikon also got blocked accidentally. Today only I realized that. I am sorry.
Now you can visit. I need your valuable comments if you try any of these dishes.
In fact my younger brother's wife is a Maharastiran and I get nice Maharastrian food.
I am a follower of your blog. I want to surprise her by cooking some dishes from your site.
Regards and best wishes


Pari said...

Thanks a lot dear.I guess you have not checked this post do check it out. I was told and cautioned not to attempt it as it needs an expertise, but then I had to make it, and to my utter surprise it turned out really well, if you lived close by I could have passed a plate of it for you.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Pari
Many thanks ,so nice of you, I wish I were around to have this nice sweet.
I always see your recipes and I have already visited and read.
WIll try this real difficult laddu

Muraligeetham said...

nice fish curry..using Hing in fish curry is new to me...Really wish to taste this now:)

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear ananimous
Thank you for your useful comment. Generally I don't publish comments from unanimous, simply because I feel uncomfortable as I cant address by name. But please do send in your comments.

Life is beautiful said...

Thank you for this wonderful menu.we are very new in cooking,we tried ur menu, succeeded and enjoyed ....
Thanks again.