Monday, July 26, 2010


These days I am cooking as usual but nothing worth a posting though...same old bit of this and that , boil, season or fry etc etc and the much fancied summer non-irritating dishes have become quite  irritating.
Yesterday I suddenly remembered a dish which is profoundly irritating to the mouth due to high presence of hot chili. Chili is not part of taste system ( like sweet, sour, salty and bitter). This is  basically a mouth irritant and gives a real kick to the people who like or dislike chili. Some people cant eat chili because of physical reaction like burning sensation, sullen mouth, watering eyes , running nose. People who cant eat chili, they dont really miss any thing as long as food flavor is concern. Flavor reminds me of its famous definition which I had learnt in my food technology and Bio chem engineering paper. Flavor means the combined effect of smell and taste in a food. The brain remembers millions of combinations of taste and smell. Imagine you ordered your favorite dish and you cant get the smell because of choked nose. You can get the taste only ..similarly if you have temporarily lost your taste sensation ( very rare though) you get the smell only. In both the cases you dont get the flavor..and the dish is really bad to eat...
This is a simple recipe I had learnt many years back from my friend when she had called us for diner. I haven't cooked it for many years now. Only variation I did, was adding some Curry leaves...was tempted to put Kokum ( Nowadays I am in the grip of southern spicing system) but will try next time. It will have that real fried garlic aroma and pretty stiff on chili with a roasted powder of panch PhoDon and red chili to finish.
Chicken with bones 600-800 gms 

garlic 2 whole pods peeled and made into a paste.
chili powder 2 tsp.
Turmeric powder 1 tsp
Tomato blanched and pureed. 5 No ( off the rack puree will not be useful for the flavor) 
Curry leaves 10 No ( optional)
 Oil Mustard or any other oil ..6 tbsp ( 90  - 100ml)
Sugar 1 level tsp..( this is sugar to taste and not for sweetening) 
For the garnish
Roasted red chili 6 No
Panch PhoDon 1 tsp roasted and ground (,  if you dont have panch PhoDon, mix equal volume of  Methi, fennel, mustard and cumin and take one tsp of the mix.)

NOTE; You can use less chili..but at least use 2 roasted chili and some Kashmiri chili powder.
Heat oil and add garlic paste , lower flame and stir vigorously to a light brown tinge to garlic paste. If it sticks add 1 tbsp water and mix.
Add curry leaves ( optional)
Add paste of red chili and Turmeric stir for  1 minute or so
Add chicken sauté for 3-5 minutes.
Add salt and sugar
Add 50 to 75 ml of tomato puree and fry at high flame till the oil comes out 

Repeat the process with 50-75 ml of tomato puree.
CAUTION: For this recipe do not add all puree at a time. The flavor will be very different but good)
When all puree is added continue frying till the oil comes out and the gravy sticks to the chicken.
Add the garnish and mix. 

NOTE: Dont worry , the chicken will be done takes chicken to become edible in 4-6 minutes of stir frying.
Eat with hot rice or paratha or Kulcha, toasted bread. 

VEGE OPTION: I have a good mind to try it with Yam Raw jack fruit, may be Paneer too.

Today  I got up and as usual, with eyes half open started reading the new blogs from the dash board. I read this recipe with eyes wide open, rushed to the kitchen, by-passed the fresh bread; pulled out the last piece from the old pack and made this. I think this is the 1st time I made some thing from the blog within one hour of its publication. While someone was enjoying the stupid germinated lentils etc, mango, carrot and cucumber I relished this one. I had some stale Parmigiano Reggiano which added to the taste too.
Please make this dish and enjoy 

The link is given below for the recipe.

How to use up Stale Bread – Part 1 from great Kanchan of  Kitchen gossip)


Chetana Suvarna Ganatra said...

Dear Ushnisji,
You again succeed in making my tummy rumble with those extra chillies. And as u rightly said this irritant food specially wit temp not ready to fall in ur part of de world is such a pleasure.
Bookmarking ur recipe n will toss up sum chicken ur style next weekend when my chilli loving hubby is bk fm Mumbai.
Thks for sharing....

Priya Suresh said...

First time here, dunno how i missed ur blog, u have fabulous collections of droolworthy dishes...Fingerlicking chicken masala, very tempting and droolworthy..

Kanchan said...

Wow!!! I’m honored... just browsing through my Google reader and your update and what do I see you tried my recipe and that too so immediately, I’m flattered - totally.
Hope you liked it cos it was a total experimental recipe just that I loved it :D

P.S: Loved your chicken dish too.. drooling again on Monday .. so you know what I would be thinking for the whole week ;)

Kalyan Karmakar said...

Hi Ghosh Kaku,

Chicken dish from you? Lip smacking of course. I can imagine that it will taste very good with roti/ paratha

Have a great week


Rumana Rawat said...

Wow!!!! very nice recipe:)

sangeeta said...

i am a chilli supporter and i always say that this irritant wakes up all the concerned nerve endings to welcome the other flavors...he he..

red chilly, garlic and fresh tomatoes make a very good flavor together and as it is having hint of curry patta too , i'd love to have this anytime with soft chapatis.

Nandinis food said...

Waow! I'm very much hungry after looking at those pictures even though I filled my tummy! I must say, it's truly gobbleworthy and I'd love to have the meal for dinner!

Prema said...

wow very tempting and delicious chicken...yummy!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Ja darun rong hoyeche na ufff. Ami o bari te banano tatka tomato puree pochondo kori. Kena packet gulo ektu misti misti lage amar. Chicken , mutton ektu jhal na hole bhalo lage ? bolun? Darun preparation kintu ekta kotha jigesh korbo Kaku ki pach phoron na diley kamon hobe?
Hamaree Rasoi

? said...

Dear Ushnishda!
It looks scrumptious and is a fitting reply to the non-irritating dishes-that-have-become-irritating! :-D
Know the feeling but the heat here is sapping our appetite! Hopefully we will have some rain soon and a chance to try this dish!
Incidently you have used the basic, very traditional masala paste[ except the tomatoes] used for non-vegetarian and veg., which are used as a substitute for meat = elephant yams and it's flower, taro root, mushrooms.

PranisKitchen said...

First time to ur space. really good collection of recipes u have..
The chicken fry looks so delicious very spicy and very simple..very nicely explained.. good one

Guna's kitchen said...

mouthwatering....... luks delicious and very tempting clicks.. well xplained step by step with pics.. good work.. happy to follow u.. if u find toime visit my blog

Unknown said...

Dear Ushnishda,Thanks for remebering me....khub bhalo laglo apnar prothom comment peye....abar puro dom e shuru korar plan achhe....amar recipe gulo darun...tobe dekhe mone khub jhal...bishesh kore jangli meat ....tobe dekhei jhiv diye jol chole ashchhe....

Satya said...

dear ushnishda ,
this stale bread thalipeth looks simply super ... now only i checked kanchan's blog n its a wonderful breakfast recipes ...n u made it perfectly seeing ur breakfast plate i am feeling hungry ...


Satya said...

this chick curry looks awesome too ...i love prepare this curry with paneer ...thanks for sharing da
have a nice day


Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

eirokom jhal jhal dish amar khub pachonder. jakhon biye hoechilo ami akdom jhal khetam na. biyer pare sosur barite shukno lanka die lal kore makha alu dekhe pray bhirmi khabar jogar tabe ajkal bor o pare na amar sange palla dite. tabe ami fish fillet die try korbo. sotti ekhuni khete ichche korche.
Between Bangalore asar ki holo bolun to? khali bolen asbo asbo kintu tarparei dekhi abar bakso pantra guchie bidesh pari den. ami kintu menu polan kore bose achi. elei jomie adda ar khaoa daoa. akhon thekei bole rakhlam kintu ese anek khon aste habe.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Friends
Thank you all for visiting my blog and your Valuable comments. I also acknowledge your comments at your blog too.

@ Deepa..After cooking the dish, I agree with you, we can do away with the roasted Panch phoDon part. The rustic taste of garlic and fried tomato and lot of chili is the key thing.
Happy cooking

Sarah Naveen said...

Wow!!! exactly the way i like it to be...looks so yummy!!!

shahana said...

I loved the caption itself Chicken with "extra chilli n garlic"Both r family fav ingredienrs.I will defintly try this soon n will let u know.

Preeti Kashyap said...

I am gonna try using yam...looks super hot!

Namitha said...

fabulous it looks..I like all my non veg dishes on the spicier side.I should try adding panch phodon next time ( I have a packet lying in my pantry for quite some time now !)

aipi said...

Dear Ushnishda,
as you know i am a vegetarian but i can cook chicken as well. My brother is a big chicken lover, i make it for him whenever he is visiting. He is going to be visiting soon again and i am thinking of trying out this recipe.i liked your idea of adding panch phoran in the curry.. also i loved the color.

Devasena Hariharan said...

Omelette thalipeth really interesting..Chicken looks delecious, last time I read the jungli chicken of urs. This is new and refreshing..

they say red chili relieves sinus headaches

Gouri Guha said...

Phire eshechi. chicken-ta daroon hoeche kintoo ki jhaal...naam hi-she-be theek ach-he.
Will try this recipe soon.I too agree with Deepa about the panch-phoron and will not be adding this.
Thanks for sharing.


Jaya M said...

Ushnish da,
eto darun-2 ranna dekhe specially eyi koda r khonti dekhe koto je bhalo lagche ki boli..eyikhane to ami sodho saucepan hi use kori ranna r jonne , ebong shorshe'er tel O paba Jaye na ..amaar eyi rokom ghoroa ranna bishon bhalo lagey and chicken er eyi recipe ta darun ..keep them coming :-)..
regards Jayashree

Satya said...

hello ushnishda
there is a surprise for u on my blog ..plez come n pick it up


Sushma Mallya said...

Hi ushnish da....thanks a lot for dropping by and leaving your lovely comment....chicken fry looks really good,love the colour....

Padmajha said...

Dear Ushnish,There is an award for u here - collect it :)

PreeOccupied said...

Kaku, didnt you hate chicken? But this looks lip smacking good. I am having aversions for chicken, but I might just try this with paneer or even potato?

Unknown said...

Hello ushnishda,
hope u r doing fine :) I missed many of your posts, with try to catch up soon. yummy looking spicy chicken.. feeling like having some :)

Have a wonderful day!!

Chetana Suvarna Ganatra said...

Dear Ushnishji, an award for u is lying in my blog..pls come n collect it n keep cooking fabulous dishes as always.

Urmi said...

Apnar comment peye khub balo laglo. Ami check korechhi "Paneer Pulao" heading ta thik jaigai diyechhi r apni keno dekhte pachhen na bujhte parchhina.
Oh! durdanto hoyechhe chicken ta. Dekhei jibhe jol eshe gelo. Khub spicy r delicious lagchhe. Apnar innovative recipe ta ami ajkei dinner e banabo. Ruti diye darun lagbe khete.