Wednesday, February 14, 2018



This recipe is basically keema and lots of garlic green cooked in a unique way,
This recipe is based on a recipe by MF Husain and published . ( link Given at the end)

I have made minor adjustment after cooking many time, mainly for cooking lesser quantity. 
The taste is outstanding !! I need to make little variation. As the garam masala was not specified , I used whole Bong trio garam masla ...few things to note minimum ghee needed is 100 gms , for meat 200 to 400 grams, I used 300 gm keema and green 500 gms. The green should be at least double.. The green in the layer was just crunchy and very nice.

300 gm mutton kheema 
1 large onions 
1 tsp garlic paste 
1 tbsp ginger paste 
2 tsp dhania 
3/4 tsp jeera 
2 tsp red chilli powder 
500 gms  to 750 gms of fresh  (garlic greens), finely chopped 
100 gm pure ghee for finishing
4 eggs 
1 medium-sized tomatoes, chopped 
50gm ghee for frying 
Salt and pepper 
Garam masala It is not specified , so I used Bong garam masala , ( 3 cardamom, 1 inch cinnamon and 3 cloves powdered), You may not use garam masala at all or any market mix,
Lemon juice

In hot ghee 50ml, add finely chopped onions and brown till golden brown. 
Add garlic paste, keema and ginger paste in that order. 
Stir on a high flame. 
Add jeera, dhania, red chilli powder, tomatoes, Bong garam masala Whole /powder,  and salt to taste. 
Cook for about 10-12 minutes on slow fire with stirring. Then add 25 percent of the finely chopped garlic green. Cook on high flame, stirring along for 10 minutes. The greens will release moisture but if needed add few tbsp water to prevent burn out,
Remove from fire.

 Layer out ½ the kheema in a pan, spreading the remaining 75 per cent green on it.

 cover with rest of the keema. Squeeze some lemon juice on top.

Heat balance ghee, in a pan and maintain temperature high.

 Break eggs over this spread. Sprinkle salt and pepper, on the eggs. And slowly  pour  spoon by spoon very hot ghee on each egg and cover.

return the pan on low heat and keep for 5 to 10 minutes.
Dish is ready, Goes well with paratha , roti and of course rice,

NOTE:.DONT OVER COOK THE GREEN. At least use green ,double the weight of Keema.
Have a look at the original recipe here...

Friday, December 29, 2017



Bathua sag is available in winter and my most favorite for making Kadi, Paratha, stir fry. It is a key ingredient in making the famous sharsho ka sag.
Sag mutton is very popular but it uses mostly Spinach and rarely a mixed sag of Mustard, Spinach and Bathua , Normally I don't use spinach in winter,

Here I will be using mutton , but you can use chicken and for vege use fried paneer and for temple dish eliminate onion garlic and Hing 

* 500 gms, Meat goat or lamb with bone in, say about 8 to 10 pieces
* 400 gms Bathua sag plant  (use leaves  only and top soft stem) 
* 50-70 gms onion  finely chopped
* 10 cloves garlic ( fat one or 15 small one ) coarsely chopped
* 75 gms Tomato cut to small pieces
*  1 level tsp cumin powder, 1 level tsp each of coriander, red chili and turmeric       powder, mixed with water to a  paste
* 1/3 level tsp Hing ( LG, MDH etc )
* Green chili 4-6, chopped 
* 25 gms ginger chopped 
* 45 ml mustard oil + 15 ml ghee for garnish ( you can use all ghee)
* 1/2 level tsp sugar ( to taste , not to sweeten)
For the tempering 
 1 level tsp  cumin, 3 dry red chili, 1 tej pata. 8 black pepper , 3 cardamom, 3 cloves, 1 black cardamom , 11/2 inch Cinnamon

Cleaning of Bathua sag,,
It is most important because it has lot of sand and one sand particle under your teeth will spoil the food.
Pluck leaves and soft top of the stem , cut them coarsely and put into a container with at least 10 inch depth. Fill with water , Now float wash the sag by shaking your palm , The sand will settle and sag will keep floating , Take  out sag from the top and keep aside, drain water and wash container thoroughly. Again wash the sag and repeat  the washing 3 times. After 3rd wash slowly drain the water and see if sand is still there at the bottom, If sand is there , repeat washing ,

Heat oil in a thick bottom deep pan or a pressure cooker,
Give tempering of cumin red chili black pepper , hing and then add garlic onion followed by bay , leaf cardamoms, clove and cinnamon,
when Onion is translucent or slightly brown add the spice paste, chopped ginger, green chili and fry for few min, add Tomato and fry for 3 min , 
Add the meat and saute for 5 min, add salt,

add sag step by step allowing to shrink and water to come out. Mix well and simmer at low flame till the meat is done ( 30 to 40 min), add sugar and mix , ghee and mix well, The water should mostly dry out but the sag must remain wet,

Alternatively , pressure cook for 10 minutes or till the meat is done, Expel all excess water under high heat and stirring, add sugar, ghee and adjust salt, 
Eat with roti , paratha , rice, Pulao etc,

Sunday, December 10, 2017

TEL KOI (Climbing Perch in oil.) ( KOU TELA Rasa)

TEL KOI (Climbing Perch in oil.) ( KOU TELA Rasa)

A very popular recipe cooked in many different ways 

Koi fish 6 No ( 8 count), live ones, cut and dressed , slits made on both sides and marinated with salt and turmeric .

mixed into a paste the following
2 heap tsp cumin ,

 2 heap tsp coriander ,
 3/4 level tsp turmeric 
1 level tsp red chili powder ,
 1 level tsp green chili paste (optional), 
1/6th level tsp sugar, 


Saute the fish at high heat in little oil , 2 - 3 min on each side . Don't fry .

Add 60 to 75  ml mustard oil , heat to smoking and remove to cool a bit. Add the spice paste, and fry on low heat till oil comes out sprinkle water to prevent burn out .
Add 75 ml water .Lay the fish one by one on the pan . Cover and boil for 5 min. Turn the fish and open boil to drive out most moisture .
Garnish few green chili .

One variation I make with coriander and black pepper paste and no other spices

Eat with hot rice

Friday, December 4, 2015



I was dreaming a cricket match between FB and the food Bloggers, play duration is of 1 year (2015). The food bloggers had handicap 4. (Here handicap means bloggers will play 4 innings, FB 1, and Bloggers will open and paly 4 innings continuously, then FB will follow on). The FB won by 10 wickets.
The bad dream was over. And I was delighted to see I had scored 1 run in one year , in Feb 15, so no maiden over for FB .. let me score 1 more run till 31st Dec …by posting this recipe

It is basically a sauce dominated by roasted sesame paste and garlic. In Tahini, sesame paste and virgin olive oil is used. Here I will use virgin mustard oil. Spring onion is incidental . it is reasonably chili hot, but you can do away with it. For pure vege dish, you can avoid garlic, onion and you will get the taste.

Paneer ( cottage cheese) 200 grams (with total solid ( fat, carbs, protein) , not less than 45%) I use Mother dairy or amul
Spring onion 200 grams ( with more green than the bulb)
Dehusked / hulled sesame 3 tbsp ( level) (if you don’t get dehusked sesame , go ahead with white sesame )
Mustard paste 2 level tsp 
Green chili 10 ( hot , hotter, hottest, none)
Garlic 6 cloves
Red chili powder 1 level tsp or none
Turmeric 1 level tsp
Amchur 1 heap tsp
Lemon juice 20 ml ( 4 tsp)
Sugar 1/4th tsp ( sugar to taste not to sweeten)
Curd 2 level tsp ( optional)
Mustard oil 50 ml ( or olive oil or any other oil)

Cut paneer to 1 inch cube.. prepare 300 ml water and salt solution
Deep fry paneer in very hot oil for a minute to brown them or shallow fry in a non stick pan , with high heat to get it little brown on all sides. Very fast.
Drop the fried paneer in salt water and allow them to soak for at least 30-60 min. reserve the salt water
Chop the spring onion 10 mm. chop the green chili to 5 mm
Smash and chop fine the garlic cloves,
Roast sesame seeds to light brown, grind to a powder
Mix all ingredients, including paneer, oil, 50 ml of salt water, little more salt together.

Take the mix in a thick bottom Kadhai .
Put on a high flame, stir and scrape occasionally, till the oil stats to come out.

Devour as it is or with paratha , rice 

Saturday, February 14, 2015



This is a very common dish except, a panch phodon tempering is used and red floating oil is maintained instead of a typical creamy yellowish  gravy. Oil used here is at my disposal it can be as low as 1 tbsp to several tbsp.
The gravy, oily red or creamy yellow, will depend on the ratio of oil and turmeric. (Of course in many recipes other creaming agents like posto paste, coconut paste, almond or cashew paste is used.

 This recipe is same as most mustard prawn recipe except that turmeric is kept low to prevent emulsification of oil and the red pigment is dispersed in floating oily phase. It gives the shiny red colour on the gravy.
It is important that the prawn must be cooked with scales on or at least the scales are available for use separately.


4 giant rive prawns ( Golda chingDi in bong)
Mustard oil 1 to 2 tbsp
Mustard oil 1 tsp ( separate use)
Panch phodon 1 level tsp
Turmeric 1/4th tsp
Mustard paste of 1 and 1/2 tbsp seeds , ground , soaked in water and filtered to discard the husk.
Sugar half  tsp
Green chili 4-6
Red chili powder ½ tsp or more

Mix filtered mustard slurry with turmeric and red chili powder keep aside . (IMP: if you are using Indian or Korean Mustard powder or home ground , dry mustard powder, it must be soaked in water for 30 min at least to avoid bitter taste )
Make up the slurry with 200 ml water
PRAWNS .de-veined, washed clean and kept aside. ( they must be with head – skin  and tail skin on.). If you don’t want to serve the head , after cooking, remove the head and munch later)
In a Kadhai ( pan) , pour oil and warm up ( not heating to smoking ) and add the panch phodon and green chili, Heat for few minutes till the green chili changes color.

 add the mustard slurry, salt and sugar.
Add the prawns and continue heating on low flame ,  with flicking the prawns , The tail and head scale will turn red

Bring to boil and continue boiling for 3-5 min , with a cover . In between turn the prawns .
Add the balance raw mustard oil and switch off

Done  , eat with hot rice 

IMPORTANT TIPS .. I you want make it creamy and thick, increase the turmeric to 1 tsp and may be more  
You can also use Tiger prawns and the chapDa prawns, but skin must be there for the color . How to de-vein the prawns with scales on message me .