Monday, March 10, 2014



What could have been a better thing to do on woman's day than handing over the kitchen  to SOMEONE for a day? She cooked delicious and my favorites. I am drooling !!
As you know SOMEONE is a better cook, by far, than me, I have to prove to my mother in law that I am no less, so made this down market , day to day dish.... 
(I was busy with some trivial matters like marrying off my younger daughter , hence could not treat you with some dishes and for quite some time , my apologies )

Stuffed chili is an old  traditional recipe spread all over India, You need to stretch your imagination about what to stuff. It can be any thing, the besan, to grated coconut, to cheese, minced meat ..just imagine and stuff. But mind you the stuffing must be firm, not lose or too much water bearing ones which will dry up and collapse the chili during cooking.  (who cares if the taste emerges!!) 


  • Chili , fat long one , red or green ( 3 to 6 inch long , more the merrier) , 10 numbers 
  • besan (bengal chickpea flour) 8 heaped  tbsp  what I used ( it may be more or less)
  • Amchur ( dried mango powder ) 2 heaped tsp ( or more if you want extra sourness to       wink involuntarily ) 
  • Dhania powder (3 level tsp0
  • Extra hot red chili powder 2 tsp (more the merrier) 
  • Ajwain 2 tsp leveled 
  • Groundnut oil ( or any white oil ) 2.5 tbsp ( for stuffing ) 
  • VMO - 2 tsp ( wondering what is VMO? Virgin Mustrad oil ( kacchi Ghani) and optional for bongs and eastern indians ) 
  •  green chili , chopped fine 1 tbsp.
  • Ginger paste 2 level tsp 
  • Sugar 1/4th tsp ( sugar to taste ,not to sweeten,if you want to give a sweet note,  add 1 to one and half tsp) 
  • Oil few tbsp for sallow frying
  • salt 
Tempering , 
  • fennel 2 tsp level
  • Hing 45% ( MDH) , few granules


  • slit the chili , deseed and smear with minimum salt, from inside and out side . leave for 30 minutes or more. CAUTION: dont over use salt, just what comes on the finger tip) 

  •  Roast the besan till it changes color and immediately spread on a metal plate for fast cooling .
  • In a Kadhai ( metallic skillet ) , add two and half tbsp oil , heat and give tempering of fennel , and hing.Remove from heat or pour the oil into a metallic dish to cool. Dont allow a burn out.
  • Mix besan, amchur, dhania and red chili powder, Ajwain, chopped green chili, ginger paste, sugar,  and salt..(CAUTION --take note of salt added to the slitted chili) 
  • Add the tempered oil and  the mustard oil (optional) to besan and mix.
  •  stuff the chilis firmly with the mix 

  • take few tbsp of oil in a pan, and when heated, lay the chilis side by side. reduce flame and cover.

  •  Remove cover , turn the chilis and again cover .

When both sides are deep brown , the dish is ready.
eat as a snack or with rice , roti or parathha .

NOTE : Please try any variation in stuffing and let me know, so that , I can try...
I will not try this stuffing in fat ugly capsicum 


Sweta Biswal said...

Nice recipe Ushnish dada!!! Wud love to have these sometime during the weekend!!

Chetana Suvarna Ganatra said...


Hamaree Rasoi said...

One of our neighbour used to make this ...Big task is now finding these giant red chilies here..

Anne said...

ah... that sends me to 7th heaven, just looking at these chilies! one lucky day for you- and all the rest I am sure!