Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dear foodies 
How are you? Thanks to FB I could only know how many great dishes you have posted at your blog. But could hardly read any. I was back home on a brief vacation and will vanish again into the deserts by next week. Sahara permitting,  this should be my last visit and will be in kitchen full time after that. There was not much of kitchen activities this time. But managed to make a awesome mango chutney from Jagruti's recipe.
Here is a great recipe from the book of Maharaja of Sailana. This has been a party dish since long. Spicing remaining same , one can try raw banana, yam, ratalu, Paneer , chicken , mutton etc.
Here we will use fried Arvi in an awesome gravy of fried onion paste and spices. As usual , like most Sailana dishes, it will be cooked in ghee and not vegetable oil. Ghee is a very good fat as it is digested easily compared to vegetable fats. 
I had to make one deviation ( which I normally dont do) in garam masala . I did not have time to make Sailana Garam masala , so have used an improvised version. It is good .And moreover most of you might not have tasted Sailana masala , so you wont be able to make out the difference. Here we go.
Arvi ( colocasia) 500 gms
12 gm salt for soaking Arvi ( not for the main gravy) 
200 gm Ghee 
75 gms onion thinly and evenly sliced.
6 level tsp chili powder ( you may use a less hot or Kashmiri chili) 
6 level tsp coriander seed powder
11/2 level tsp cumin seed powder
20 pcs pepper corn freshly ground
15 gms ginger scraped and ground.
120 gm curd
1. Bay leaf 
Salt to taste
Garam masala ( my version) You can use your version or an off the counter one. 
( grind the following) 
Cinamon 11/2 inch
cardamom 4
clove 4
mace 1/2 inch
nutmeg 1/8th of a nut
star anise 1/4 flower
( Take only 11/2 level tsp of this )
Peel the Arvi and cut to half lengthwise. Prick generously with a tooth pick or fork. Add salt in about 4 cups of water and soak the Arvi for 1/2 hr. Take out and wash in fresh water twice, wipe and keep aside.
Heat the ghee in a Kadhai , fry the Arvi in low heat till golden/ light  brown. Take out and keep aside.
Raw and fried Arvi

In the same ghee fry sliced onion to golden brown , remove and grind.
In the same ghee add the fried Arvi, fried and ground onion and all the above ingredients. Stir and mix well. You may need 1/4th cup of water .

All ingredients just added 

Cover and put on dum till the water dries out, almost completely and ghee separates.

Ready for use


I am pretty sure , you all will like it .

Happy Cooking 


Vijitha said...

Looks spicy good. Reminds me of the arvi dish I tasted in a restaurant.

sangeeta said...

I rarely cook with Arbi. But now it will be a different story it seems :-)

Sayantani said...

kochu amon kore ranna kara jay jantam na. try kortei hochhe

Shri said...

I envy you the cookbook Ushnishda! The dish looks decadant. Good to see you posting and hope you have a good 'work' trip.:-)

Akila said...

wow after a long time seeing u with post.... this dish looks really awesome

Priya said...

Wow this arvi curry looks super irresistible, wish to give a try soon.

Preeti Kashyap said...

I love the recipe Ushnishda! Finaly a veggie recipe from M.o.Sailana. I am trying to get the book but the copies are so very limited.

zI am going to make this recipe ASAP!!!

Shobha said...

Dear Ushnish,
Nice to see your recipe after a long gap..This is new to me..I have no idea how the Sailana masala tastes. This gravy looks so rich and awesome..Will surely try out something with this gravy.

Lavanya said...

Nice space u hav. I m ur new follower :)

Dolly Sharma said...

This Arvi Rogani looks delicious. Bookmarked. Will try it soon and let you know how it turned out. Ist one of my favorite vegetable.

Spice up the Curry said...

very delicious preparation for vegetarians. happy to follow you.

halal foodie said...

soo delicious, looks super yummy

Akila said...

Ah awesome dish..

Event: Dish name starts with N

Arti said...

Hey Ushnish Da,
How are you? Missing your posts and your encouraging comments too... Hope you as doing well. Have a wonderful week :)

Cardamom Hills said...

Ohh....I totally love that book.....its the only cook book I own :) Absolutely love the spicy look of the arvi you made.

Alessandra said...

Buongiorno Ushnish!

I hope that your trip was good, and it is always lovely when you visit my blogs, don't worry if time passes because I also find little time (even when i have internet) because I am very busy these days with work and family. I always like to make Indian food, i made some yesterday too, maybe I will post the photos one day :-).


Shanthi said...

Delicious delight, Nice clicks.

nilanjana majumdar said...

Never thought of Arbi as this rocks!!

Preeti Kashyap said...

this is soooo good Ushnish da!!!! I am surely gonna make this soon. I have been dying to get my hands on this book but it is just not available in US. Do you know any websites where in i could order?