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Once upon a time I used to cook lots of Italian dishes. It stopped for various reasons like long absence from home, kids are no longer demanding, great Italian food joints around etc. With pasta culture moving in fast along with chowmins on street sides; Italian condiments, fresh seasoning, good imported pasta etc are now available everywhere including at my small time neighborhood grosser.
The other day I went to the biggest wholesale fish market of North India to pick up fresh shrimps at half the price and landed up with lots of fish. So I thought I would use up some prawns with Italian dish as I was tired of eating Bong and Southern prawn dishes. The dish turned out to be very nice.
This is a fast recipe, prawns cooked in drawn butter sauce and spiced with black pepper, garlic and Parsley. ( I have used here dry parsley with basil, as I could not get the fresh parsley here,  please use fresh parsley or cilantro) 
Tiger prawns large ( about 25 per 1/2 kg with head ), cleaned, deveined with tail remaining (You can use the deveined frozen ones.)
Butter 2tbsp ( about 25 to 30 gms.)
Extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp.
1 tbsp flour for dusting prawns.
Smashed and finely chopped garlic 2 level tbsp
Parsley finely chopped 3 level tbsp.( you can use cilantro, dry Italian seasoning) 
Paprika flakes 1 tsp
Drawn butter sauce 75 to 100 ml 

for the drawn butter sauce 
butter 30 gms + 30 gms ( approx )
flour 2 level tbsp
Freshly ground pepper 1 level tsp
lemon juice 1 tbsp
water 100 ml
salt .
Dry the dressed prawns and mix flour , leave aside.

In a thick bottom pan, add olive oil and butter ( 25-30 gms) and warm to melt the butter and disperse. Dont heat too much.
add the prawns, salt , saut'e, spread  and leave for 5 minutes covered. ( This step you can do in an over proof flat baking dish , in low heat broil mode)

Drawn butter sauce  
In a thick bottom pan, dry roast the flour and cool it in a separate dish. ( dont burn)
Add 30 gm butter and melt. Add the cooled flour, pepper powder, paprika and mix .
Add water bring to boil while stirring continuously.  Continue for 4-5 minutes , add the remaining butter  , stir to make a smooth sauce. 
Add salt, garlic , parsley and lemon  juice to the sauce and cook for another 2 minutes on low heat.
Add the sauce on the prawns and mix well under high heat till the prawns are coated with sauce. ( This step should not exceed 2 minutes. Prolong heating may break the sauce emulsion.)
Sauce added 

Serve immediately. ( I ate with a bunch of spaghetti under the prawns with a drizzle of EVOO and grated parmegiano Reggiano )

Happy eating!!.


The knife said...

eta darron dekhte lagchhe Ghosh Kaku. Please Bombay te eshe banan. i will get you fresh parsley too

khushi said... buttery.......delicious preparation of prawns uncle

Priti said...

This looks so gud ...I liked the recipe

Arti said...

Hello Ushnish da,
I too love Italian food and have it sometimes...
Have a fabulous day :)
Also waiting for your comment on the Neelkanth Peak post!!

sangeeta said...

Fresh parsley we get easily these days , but i guess nicely preserved dried herbs taste great too. I am certainly going to try this one , without drowning the prawns in fresh parsley and basil , as i am very prone to such things ;-)

Shobha said...

The prawns look so yummmmy.I love prawns the most among the sea food.Fresh herbs do give a nice flavour to the dishes.These days as you said, all the things are easily available.

Mugdha said...

Hello Ushnish da,
This looks soo delicious...yum yum..plz pass me that

SGD said...

Looks great and ingrdient dekhe mone hochhe taste tao darooon....kintu the best part is that it's easy and fast to cook!!!!!

Indrani said...

wonderful recipe, Ushnishda..I hv to try it soon..I am a prawn freak, darun lagche dekhte, jibe jal asche

Chandrani Banerjee said...

Ushnish da, Chingrir preparationta dekhe amar khide peye jachhe. Ami eta try korbo...

Babli said...

Kaku ami bhalo achhi. Amar husband Kuwait e chhilo prai ek bochhor tokhon quial egg kheyechhe jemon apni bollen. Chicken egg er preparation korben same way te.Khub shohoj recipe.
Chingri amar khub favourite. Eto shundor baniyechhen je r thakte para jachhena. Butter sauce r parsley diye darun combination. Dekhte darun lagchhe r bujhtei parchhi kheteo oshadharon hobe. Courier e pathiye din.

Sayantani said...

kamon achen Ushnishda? anekdin asa hayni apanr page e.
eta sotti darun dekhte hoeche...prawn ar spaghetti amar most fav. banaboi akdin.

Siddhi said...

wow yummy prawns uncle...loved the recipe...the sauce is really interesting...nxt tym whn we hv prawns at hme vl surely try to make this recipe....

Jay said...

bookmarked it right away...thanks for sharing Ji..:)
Tasty Appetite

Madhu said...

You know when I read the title, I was thinking where and why is he doing recipes with endangered species, then found out its about prawns :)
Nice recipe.

Preeti Kashyap said...

Oh Wow! I love the buttery sauce....will make it in vegetarian i promise!

Sutapa said...

Delicious recipe Dada ..... I can imagine with spaghetti and generous amount of cheese ata ekdom jome jabe!

cookingvarieties said...

hi ushnish.
blogwalk from malaysia, glad i found your site and decided to follow you.

i do love italian food very much. your drawn butter prawn looks very delicious. would like to try this out.
mine is foodie blog too, do visit when free :)

Saji said...

Delicious!!!My hubby already wanted this for dinner now

Vijitha said...

Easy and yummy. I make them with pasta. They look so gorgeous Ushnishji

Babli said...

Kaku kemon achho? Shomoy pele amar blog e esho, machher recipe post korechhi nischoi bhalo lagbe tomar.

Lavanya Selvaraj said...

This is a very unique recipe. Looks simply delicious. First time here and you have a wonderful space.

Glad to follow you.

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khushi said... visit the ongoing event and send us some beautiful recipes of yours :)
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Zareena said...

Ushnishji, This looks awesome. This looks so creamy, delicious and yummy. Bookmarked this.

Purabi Naha said...

Ushnish kaku, I am so happy to see this delectable prawn dish! The butter gravy is great! I can make out that you are a great cook from the photographs. The picture of your "tigers" is extremely tempting. Tahole aschi, kobji dubiye khete!!

San said...

Anything with prawn is divine to me, loved the butter part. I remember going to a grocery store and ended up in a conversation with a person saying he feels cilantro to smell like an insect. I The next minute i was wondering who can say that they dislike the heavenly aroma of cilantro. He said that he likes parsley rather.I told him its just the same for me with parsley. Just thought of sharing this. Wonderful recipe, got to try it soon.

Sayantani said...

sotti ei deshi sobzigulo banglar baire paoya ki mushkil. amader gache prochur chalkumro hoeche. apni kache thakle pathie ditam. amra shudhu danta ar chalkumro khachhi kadin dhore.

Ananda Rajashekar said...

Ushnish da, this is a fantastic!! prawns and those golden ingredients are spot on...I'm so sure to try this recipes. Thanks!!

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

looks wonderful... yummy!

Rumana Rawat said...

Awesome:) i have no words to say:)

anthony stemke said...

This is a wonderful, tasty and creamy dish, I love it.
I wonder why you roast the flour in the beginning though.

Chandrani Banerjee said...

In my blog, a cute triple award is waiting for you. Plz collect it.

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Kalyan said...

Just mouthwatering...looks so easy to prepare and delicious!

Prathima Shivraj said...

Hi Ushnish Ghosh Ji,
3 cute awards are waiting for your fabulous blog @