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I am always in kitchen and cooking , unfortunately I am not being able to write the recipes and  share with you. Here is a great Dal recipe , simple, fast, healthy ( not health food) and of course the recipe is from Maharaja of Sailana's cook book ( who else can match his recipes!!!) .
 My friend with family had come here on Saturday. He doesn't eat onion or garlic so I had to cook few dishes ( with pleasure) , even Mutton and fish without these.
THE RECIPE. This is a pure vege dish without onion and garlic. This is a royal dish and there will be no dearth of ghee. I would like to share my knowledge here on fat. Quite a few table spoons of fat in a dish just doesn't make any difference , that too when it is shared by few in the family. The carbohydrate, like rice, bread, sugar, sweets etc etc that we eat contribute much to the weight gain process  than the poor ghee or oil we eat. Of course the water retaining capability of an individual adds lot of wight to the body and the poor fat is blamed.  But this is my understanding and I am enjoying food of my choice. If you think fat is bad, dont eat. The body will produce it for you and as per your requirement , for sure and have no doubt about it..

CAUTION: Please dont change this recipe except may be slightly less green chilis. In case you find this recipe too fattening, or too much chili, please dont cook or eat. ( There is hardly any carbohydrate in this recipe, just protein and a little  fat.)
Udad ( Kalai, biri) dal 250 grams
Green chili 125 gms ( These are the mildly hot, long fat ones, but you can use hot ones.)
Ginger 75 gms
Ghee 125 grams. ( quantity must not be reduced)  
Salt , as needed 

Note: We must use , green chili, very less hot and at least 75 grams , else it is not worth. 

Soak the de-husked and  halved  Udad Dal over night..( I normally use, whole Udad dal with husk , soak it over night and de-husk by rubbing it out. The taste is awesome, but I am sparing you all from the tedious activity of de-husking ).
Take the dal in a pan and  pour soft water to 1 inch above the dal level.. ( Pressure cooking is prohibited ) and bring to boil.
Chop the green chili ( with seeds) into 5-8 mm pieces.
Cut thin Julienne of ginger.
When the Dal is more than half cooked , add green chili and ginger and salt. ( make up water from time to time, if needed)
Continue boiling .
When the dal is cooked , add the ghee and continue, covered, under low flame.
Stir from time to time , to prevent burn out at the bottom..
The Dal will reach a thick consistency.
Eat with hot rice or paratha. 
Sorry , I could not take photographs , but the end result was awesome. The dish below should look much greener but, between you and me , I used only about 40 gms of extra hot green chili and less than  what I have written above. I just could not get the les hot big chilis in the market )



Nitha said...

Sounds interesting.. Never had such a dish..

DD said...

Hello Ushnish Ghosh,
This Recipe is really healthy, it is well cooked with out onion and garlic. Looks very delicious, you might have enjoyed till the last spoon of it...thnQ for the facts as well.....

Happy Blogging!!!!
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Saras said...

New to me, never tasted it before..sure try it to adore new taste!!

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

wow, that looks great, I would never change such great recipe :)

Priya said...

Omg, thats soo wonderful,nutritious and comforting food..Simply inviting..

Shobha said...

Hi Ushnish,
That really looks yum..the taste is just from the chillies, ginger and ghee and ofcourse slow cooking.....I will love it but hubby dear does not like chillies.
I will give it a try when he is away on tour sometime.
Thanks for sharing.

DD said...

thnQ ushnish ghosh!! for stopping by my blog...
Yeah!! i did not use cumin & I have used Badsha tandoori masala.
hope you have a great week end!!!
Happy Blogging!!!!
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Sushma Mallya said...

Looks so delicious...spicy n yum!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Hello Kaku

Dal looks so healthy. Glad to know that there is no carbohydrates. I too think a little bit of fat is good for the body.

Hamaree Rasoi

Sharmila said...

I absolutely love such simple recipes where the real flavour of the ingredients come thru and are not overpowered by a lot of masalas. Can't wait to try this one out.

Vardhini said...

New one .. looks yummy and thx for sharing.

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Santosh Bangar said...

i like this dal very much and make oftenly with carefully.recipe is gr8 and yum
1st time here do visit my site

Arti said...

Absolutely right about the fats, i completely agree!

This dish looks so very delicious and tempting... I like the idea of less hot green chilies, and also no pressure cooking :) Very different for me, but so delightful it looks...Feel like digging into a big spoonful right now!

sangeeta said...

All food which does not include refined ingredients is health food for me. So this one qualifies as a health food as per my parameters (set for myself and whoever believes)...
Coming to the daal , I loved it. Will make it with those fat long chillies and will all the ghee you specified.
As you said , the carbs should be curbed so less roti or rice with fat laden food . Fat and protein combination is great as long as carbs are not there in the meal.

Jhimly Kar Hazra said...

Ushnish-Da, you reminded me of a staple diet villagers in North UP eat...same recipe only difference is that ghee is replaced with rice !!! Yes it's a rustic type of khichdi eaten very early in the morning by all villagers before they leave for work.The next meal they have is in the evening after they come back from of the day they make do with only tobacco..bidi, tambaku etc

Jhimly Kar Hazra said...

I think my comment was too long, so the blog owners did not allow me to complete !!! Signal that comments are meant to be short and sweet, and not blogs in themselves :) Your dish is great and my husband loves Biri dal...will definitely make it for him!!

ente pachakasala said...

nice recipe looks yummy

The knife said...

Onek din por Ghosh Kaku. The daal looks so comforting :)

DD said...

ThnQ ushnish ghosh!!!!
you can call me by the name u prefer...I would like to hear DD too!!!

sm said...

looks tasty dish

Ananda Rajashekar said...

agree on water retaining capacity of individuals, yes poor fat can't be blamed all times and this is very new recipe should try sometime...thanks for the share :)

? said...

Sounds delicious and loved the snapshot.

Purabi Naha said...

Ushnish kaku, bahh, eyi recipe tao toh besh bhalo! Apnader okhane ki kochur loti pawa jae? I simply love that. We don't get them here.
Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

Premalatha Aravindhan said...

wow delicious and nutritious recipe luks yum...

Shanthi said...

Sounds interesting and unique

Malar Gandhi said...

The amount of ghee is tempting me, simply delish:)

Chandrani said...

Kadai er dal amar khub fav. Eta mone hochhe khub sundar khete hobe. Darun recipe. Thnaks for sharing this.

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Bong Appetite said...

Putting this in the wishlist..will give it a try