Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OL KOPI (Nool Kol, Ganth Gobi, Kadam, Kohlrabi) WITH GREEN and PANEER (PUNJABI & KASHMIRI)

I developed a fish and non vege phobia for few days, after eating so much in Bangalore marriage and Kerala trip. It was fish and more fish every where, with lot of  spices and chilis, divine!!!.
So, as soon as  I came back, I tried these two recipes. The market is now full of very young and soft Ol Kopi with lots and lots of leaf. The thin Punjabi version was good with hot rice and the rich Kashmiri version was good for the night, with chapati and hot rice.
There is not much of preambles, so lets get down to business
NOTE: These 2 dishes are pure vegetarian without onion and garlic.
This is a thin curry with lot of water, with a flavor of fenugreek, red dry chili and asafoetida (Hing).seasoning. Some times a little chopped tomato and curd is added.
Ol Kopi 4-5 Nos with fresh long leaf ( about 2 to 21/2 inch diameter. Must be young )
Green chili 4
Fenugreek seeds 1 tsp
Dry red chili 2
Tomato 1 small about 11/2 inch diameter
Curd 1 heap tbsp 
Asafoetida ( 30% powder) 1/3 tsp
Mustrad oil 1 tbsp  (any other oil will do).
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
red chili powder 1 tsp ( Take Kashmiri chili, for low heat)
Cut the bulb into 1inch by 1/2 inch pieces, chop the leaf, chop 2 green chili and the tomato.

Slurry the Asafoetida in 1 tbsp water.
Heat oil in a pressure cooker.
Give seasoning with Fenugreek and chili followed by the asafoetida. As the water evaporates, add the Ol kopi pieces and stir fry. Add the curd and stir fry to almost dryness.
Add red chili powder and immediately add the greens and mix well. 
Add turmeric and salt. ( The volume will reduce as the greens release water. So be careful on quantity of salt).
Add green chili, chopped and whole, mix well.

Add 1/2 cup water.
Cover the lead and pressure cook for 4-5 minutes.
The dish is ready and eat with hot rice. 

For quite sometime I was thinking of cooking and posting few traditional Kashmiri dishes. Somehow it did not materialize. Traditional Kashmiri dishes have undergone many changes although the names are retained. The most abused one is the Rogan Josh. But I must say , the modified ones are also very tasty if you dont care about the traditional taste.
Most traditional Kashmiri dishes are devoid of onion and garlic.
This recipe will have typical Kashmiri flavor with very little modification of using Garam masala and cumin seasoning.
Contrary to popular belief, most Kashmiri dishes are cooked in Mustard oil only, except few where ghee is used. The spices are same for almost all dishes.
You can use Ol kpoi and Paneer separately.
*Ol kopi 4 with greens. ( I haven't used green here as I had used the green in above recipe. Moreover you may not get good leaf too. So proceed with the bulb only)
* Paneer ( cottage cheese) 300 gms ( you can use Paneer alone.)
*Curd 50 gms ( about 31/2 level tbsp)
*Hing ( Asafoetida) 1/2 tsp 30% strength, slurried in 1 tbsp water.
*Whole spice , 2 each , Cardamom, black cardamom, Clove and 1 inch Cinnamon, 1 level tsp cumin
* Dry Ginger powder 11/2 level tea spoon ( fresh ginger is not used )
* Fennel Powder 1 heap tbsp. ( freshly ground) 
* Mustard Oil 2 tbsp.
* Kashmiri red chili powder 1 level tbsp. 

Cut paneer into 11/2 X11/2 X1/2 inch pieces and dip fry to light brown spots. Keep aside.
Cut Ol Kopi into 8 mm thick slices and half them ( any other size will do) 
If you are using greens, chop them into 2 inch pieces.
Heat oil in a thick bottom pan, remove from heat and  add the Hing slurry and cover immediately. Add the whole garam masala, cumin and return to heat.
Add the Ol Kopi and soute for 2-3 minutes.
Add 1 tbsp curd and stir fry until the oil appears. Repeat with balance curd, 1 tbsp at a time.
Add red chili powder and mix. 

Add the leaf, salt and dry ginger powder and mix. Add 1/2 cup of water , cook covered. ( I haven't used leaf here) 
When the Ol kopi becomes soft or gets cooked, add the Paneer and Fennel powder. Mix well and simmer for 2-3 minutes.
The gravy is generally thin or slightly thick. Eat with rice, Roti or paratha


Nithu Bala said...

The recipes sounds very delicious..thanks for marked:-)

Priya said...

Both dishes looks absolutely delicious specially that Kashmiri kadam with paneer attract me particularly...

Satrupa said...

Dear Ushnish Bhai,

I was missing you in my posts and was wondering where you vanished.
So the lucky man was feasting with family and friends and visiting places :) Lucky U. I am dying for some fresh fish here n WE ( Me n my better half) can never get tired of fish.
I am not a big fan of ol kobi ..... but your recipe is motivating me to try at least one of these.
It's good to see you back :)

Warm Regards,

Ananda Rajashekar said...

both the recipes sounds refreshing i live greens....this is must to try :) said...

Wow wonderful veggie dishes.Both look very delectable and yummy.

Madhu said...

Sounds easy and delicious! Thanks for trying out my recipe :)

Viki's Kitchen said...

Nool kol in both ways look attractive. I don't know much recipes with this vegetable. Now I understand your eagerness to make veg food (finished reading your previous post...ha ha). I will definitely buy this nool kol to try these.

Aparna S Mallya said...

I'm doing fine. How abt you?

Nice dish!

Jaya said...

Ushnish da,
doto hi
Bhishon bhalo preparation OL kopi diye .ki shondor rong esheche kashmiri recipe..lovely..many times I am also bored of eating fish, vegetarian recipes always come to my rescue..Eyikhane ja thanda poreche..Acha apni C&C food event e entry pathaben, bhalo lagbe..details amar blog e ache..Bhalo thakben..Regards..

Nandini said...

Slurp! That's a very appetizing dish! Exquisite!

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow, looks very appealing to me, knol khol is my fav' veggie, but hardly see them here...

Anonymous said...

Hello Ushnish Da,
Wow I am also writing a post on kashmiri cuisine.Well, my chachi is a learnt few recipes from her.I love Ganth Gobi preparation.One of my fav things to have with rice.And kashmiri paneer dishes are too too good though they are totally different from the north indian ones!Infact, after a holiday, I also want to eat vegetables and simple home cooked food.
I loved all the dishes.You reminded me of my family!
Thank you so much!

Shobha said...

The dishes look awesome !
I have to try them out.bookmarked them.

Fathima said...

I have never tried Ol Kopi before... both recipes look great! should try to get some Ol Kopi to try it out!

Poonam said...

Thanks Ushish for the nice comment....I am hardly in internet touch these days as we are on our way to India and we are taking a stop over at Germany as I am attending a conference here..... more when I reach India and has better internet....

? said...

Have never used these vegetables and the gravy looks prefect!

alwayswinner786 said...

Both the recipes sounds delicious and the new thing is we never used the leafy part of it which is a must try now! Kashmiri gravy looks so rich and delicious I can't wait to try it!

By the way have you tried the creamy prawn do you like it? If not let me know.. I am open to any honest critics and I think that's the way I can add more perfection to my dishes!

Rajani said...

Hi Ushnishda!
How does using fennel powder vs using fennel seeds make a difference to the dish? I have seen use of powder in other blogs/ recipes but never tried it any time.
The ol kapi recipes look superb, very make-me-want-to-try-right-now-pics!
Glad you are back to blogging!

Rajani said...

Thanks so much for prompt response.very informative and inspiring.

Shanthi said...

Missing your posts for a long time. Both the dishes are yummy and fantastic. Sure will give it a try

PJ said...

Hi Ushnish,During my last visit to the farmers market I saw this veggie and since we are not a huge fan of it,I did not buy them.After I came home,I saw this post.Next time I will surely pick it up and try the kashmiri recipe.Looks very delicious..

And thanks for the comment on my blogs..Yes,I am from Karnataka but my folks settled in Tamil nadu many generations ago :).We have many friends and relative there and visit places quite often...

have a nice weekend :)

Rumana Rawat said...

Both dishes looks absolutely delicious and i love the color:)

Alessandra said...

Lovely dish :-)

I am never sure which vegetarians eat onions, and which don't, can you explain please? Is it the Buddhists?

Thank you


Alessandra said...

Thank you Ushnish for your reply. I know that some old traditional Japanese Buddhist dishes also did not include allum (onion, garlic, leeks, shallot, chives).

I had a young Indian couple for dinner last night, they are visiting NZ on their honeymoon. I did vegetarian, but with no eggs (just to be sure) but they told me that actually eat everything :-)

Kanchan said...

Hello Da,

so roaming around India this time :) Nice to see that.. Even i was quite busy with stuffs so couldnt drop by your place ...
So looking forward for some snaps and many more recipes :))

vineetha said...

Hai da,
I am fine ,thank you.Hope u r doing good too.I am also not a regular logger these days.I jeally ust went through ur wonderful post abt kerala.Loved all the pics !! That pics made me nostalgic.Its such a shame that eventhough I am from kerala i have never been to Kumarakam.Benn to Munnar though.Next time when we go home maybe we shud take a trip to Kumarakom too.
Loved this post too.

Abt ur doubt abt fish fingers,even I am not sure why we cost rice flour to the fillets.Will try to find out soon :)

Anonymous said...

great recipes...both sound delicious. Loved reading ur post on munnar too

aipi said...

Hi Ushnishda- I remember grandma used to use Ol Kopi in a curry with potatoes... she used to call it gath-gobi... its been so long... love both the versions.. very nice recipes.

US Masala

Preeti Kashyap said...

I am dying to make the Kashmiri is bookmarked. Thanks for the lovely words that you wrote...I am so glad to have u as a friend.

Kalyani said...

wow yummy & delicious .....

Jay said...

wow...looks so tempting n inviting..
I have a surprise for you in my space check out..

Tasty appetite

Cham said...

Happy to find ur blog, great to know that you are a Foodie too :)
Nool khol - I get this veggie through out the year here- love the Kasmiri versions!

Arti said...

They look delicious... Especially the paneer kadam, seems spicy!!
Good you gave vegetarian dishes as I am a veggie:-)

Kanchana Radhakrishnan said...

looks yummy and delicious.

Jay said...

Both the recipes sounds great ..nice creation and loved d way you describe the dishes..
Tasty appetite

Devasena Hariharan said...

hi uncle, this is one of the vegetables that I have never eaten..both ur dishes look good and easy to make. maybe someday i will try it out..

sm said...

nice pics
tasty dishes

Indie.Tea said...

That looks delicious.
And your pictures of Kerala look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. said...

sounds excellent and very inviting too to me :-)

Sayantani said...

second dish ta dekhe jibe jal asche...aj amar niramish ei sabur khichuri kheye uthlam. akhon blog hopping mane otyachar. tabe sotti asadharon recipe.between apni december e kabe aschen?

Adelina said...

now we are talking - phobia!!! :) your "cleansing diet" meal looks and sounds perfect! Love it green- and the rice is such a great mete!

Dolly said...

Ushnishda...good to see u back..and thanks for visiting my blog and ur comments..Greatly appreciated. I've not been able to bloghop as regularly as I wd love too...but have'nt forgotten my old friends though...

Both ur dishes with Ganth Gobi sound good.. My mom used to make Ganth Gobi subzi..I have'nt tried here in the US...

Also saw ur awesome pics of Kerala..Looks like u had a great time..and the pics were amazing..thoroughly enjoyed them.

alwayswinner786 said...

I drop again to tell you that I cooked Ol kopi (Punjabi style) two times in three days first day I cooked exactly the way you said and next time I add little garlic paste with hing and both the time it turned out awesome, it's now one of my family favorite winter dish!
Thanks for sharing!

sangeeta said...

Wonderful flavors in both the versions.... I like it with dahi and soaunf and sonth powder spice mix. Never tried with paneer though.

Your recipes i can trust blindly so i will make it this way sometime.

SCB said...

What's Ol Kopi good for? Any nutritional value? In these dishes, are the vegetables not being over-cooked?

Barnali Biswas-Ray said...

Both the recipes look very tempting. I am going to often visit your blog from now on.Take care

Seema said...

When do you put the tomato in the first kholrabi dish? Before the dahi or after?

Seema said...

When do u put the tomato in the first kholrabi dish? Before or after the dahi?