Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am back from Hong Kong and started packing up too either for going to Badrinath or  Yokohama , Seoul or Rome...
I am sick and tired of non-vege food...( all  non-vege blog friends will shout............. liar...liar ...liar...)
Few hours back, SOMEONE phoned me, halfway through attending to her patients, and ordered , "I want some good food for lunch, simple and  non-irritating and healthy etc ..etc...
 I was wondering, what kind of food specification is this!!!   What does it mean , non-irritating food!!!
Anyway I did not have much time , so quickly made the famous watery Massur ki Dal of Bengal. Some be-headed and cleaned sardines were lying in the fridge. Made a paste out of all the green chili and garlic lying in the house, added some red chili and jeera powder and cooked the fish to dryness with lot of oil with a Fennel seasoning...Now that I have learnt to use Kokum , a put a little extract of it too.
Now the main dish is a simple thin potato onion fry which goes well with Dal, Sambar...or even with piping hot rice drenched  with ghee or butter or Paratha, Puri, luchi etc.
This is a very old recipe and all of you must be making it. Here I have given a little variation which just changes the flavour. This recipe is very handy when you want to make a dish very fast.
Potato 1 large, cut to 5mm X 5mm and 50 mm ( approx) with skin on. ( I don't peel)
Onion 1 medium sliced not very thin 
Turmeric 1 level tsp
red chili powder 1 tsp 
green chili 3-4 
6-8 pod thin garlic , smashed flat with the skin on. ( for fast dish don't waste time by peeling )
Oil 11/2 Tbsp
Panch PhoDon 1 level tsp.( if you don't have Panch PhoDon try any of these 1. jeera , Methi and Fennel or 2. Jeera only . 3 Kala jeera only.
Dry red chili 2 
Heat oil and give seasoning of dry red chili and the spice; immediately followed by the smashed garlic pods..stir for  seconds and add onion.
Stir onion for 1 minute and add the potato, red chili and turmeric powder, salt . Mix well, sprinkle 2 tbsp water , stir and cover. When the potato is done , add green chili and fry on high heat.

Note: Do not fry the onion, just stir for a minute...it will get fried with Potato...
The dish is ready.

Now bit of travel photos

I had posted some night view of Hong Kong earlier..
Here are few photos from Macau and Hong Kong. There is nothing much to see except buildings and more buildings.
I went to Macau for few hours by Ferry....Indians get Visa on arrival at both the places. Macau is famous for Casino and 2nd largest complex after Las Vegas.
It was raining heavily with high wind and it takes one hour by Ferry. 
I had a long desire to see world's largest resort and casino complex , the Venetian Macau..This is built like the La's Vegas one but much bigger ...it has lots of representation of Venice.
I did not have much money to gamble and I knew I would lose always as it is said , if one is lucky in love will be unlucky in gambling. Moreover by winning I did not want to hear from someone " So you have finally proved beyond doubt that you don't love me ".
These are the few shots of the resort...
The blue sky above is the roof actually, in side the grand canal mall...I thought  the weather had cleared..It was very new experience for me.

The grand canal in the mall

These photos are outdoor

from the Ferry in rain

some building 

The wet market place, I was staying on this road...a very busy and homely place

I am thinking of changing the name of my blog from " COOKING AND  RECIPES AND TRAVEL". The name combination is very strange , but I believe all combinations of subjects are possible and I am greatly inspired by the movie name " Tarzan and Draupadi". and whats in a name by Shakespeare.


Nithu Bala said...

Nice pictures:-) loved this easy potato curry..simply yummy:-)

vineetha said...

OH good to see u back.Oh u r travelling again..Hope u enjoy travelling and working whole around the globe..
Nice recipe by the way.After eating non veg food continiously for few days I too hate to non veg for a while and prefer veg food for few days.

Cool Lassi(e) said...

Welcome back. I am surprised that you found time at all to cook something with a jet-setting lifestyle you seem to be leading. Lovely potato fry. Looks awesome. I normally eat this with Yogurt Rice.

PJ said...

Ushnish-da, welcome back! looks like you had a great travel with lots of interesting places to see. potato fry looks delicious, perfect with some dal-rice.

Sreelekha Sumesh said...

Hi,Glad to see u back.Lovely pics.
Potato fry looks so delicious!

Sarah Naveen said...

Hey !!! good to see you back...wonderful travel pics...
and onion and potato fry looks simply delicious..
I m sure SOMEONE njoyed this non irritating food

Sayantani said...

Ushnishda, welcome back bolbo na happy journey bolbo? er majheo ranna korchen/ ei alu bhajata ektu anya rakam. bookmark korlam banabo akdin. between Hongkong er chobigulo khub sundor kintu khabarer chobi koi?

Shabs.. said...

You always make me laugh...That's a nice curry....Oh yeah, as u said i too feel fed up eating non veg every single day....made some dal today!I dont think some one really liked the idea of dal...lol...nice pictures and iam amazed by the lake inside teh mall...
....Loved ur idea of new title and the comments further....tarzan and wateva....lol...

Kanchan said...

So you are in between of travels ... thats nice ...

Awesome pics ... me too feel like packing my bags and taking a leisure trip here !

As usual simple n lovely dish to go with beautiful pics .

Devasena Hariharan said...

Welcome back Ushnish uncle!

For one moment, I thought that u r going to mix sardines and potatos and make a new dish out of it..

the pics are nice. Hope u had a great time. Now its time for rest and lovely food

Nandini said...

Wow! Ow! It's lovely! Welcome back! The fry looks drool-worthy! I'd love to warp to Hong Kong right now!

? said...

I loved the Sardine descirption; we make the same dish but with just a shallot-red chilli paste, sometimes adding garlic.
The Fennel seasoning is an interesting touch!

The potato fry dish has that authentic Bengali touch!:-)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Amio Sayantani r moton hi bolbo "ki welcome back na again happy journey" bolbo confused. Ami exactly ei bhabe aloo stir fy kori shudhu onions add kori na. Party kimba biye barir por din amader bari te patla dal , bhaat, ar ei aloo bhaja ta i ranna hoye.
Bake mail korchi apnake.
Hamaree Rasoi

PJ said...

Lovely dish Ushnish.Would love to have it with curd rice!!

Excellent pics.I am now determined to visit HK and macau as soon as I get back :).Thanks for sharing ur trip with us...

Gulmohar said...

Hello Ushnish da,

How are you ? Saw that you had a great time in Hong Kong. great pics as always :-) We just got back from India after a month long vacation..still getting settled..Will catch up soon :-)

Pari said...

Hi Ushnishda,
I do not see u online these days, being long that we chatted.
That's indeed so sweet of you to cook a non-irritating food for SOMEONE.
This potato fry used to be my favorite during school days.
Nice clicks. Hope to catch up with u soon.

Lav said...

Hi Ushnish, thanks for following me....you have great bengali recipes, should start trying them soon :) By they way even i had been to venetian city couple of months back...amazing sky roof !! Had great fun !!!

Trupti said...

curry looks delicious & esay to make.

lovely photos

Chetana Suvarna Ganatra said...

Lol, I like de non-irritating food...such a cool line. Will use it when my hubs tries his amateurish skills in de kitchen by cooking only difficult stuff n being hard on himself.
Btw loved ur pics as usual, I like HK for food n shopping, otherwise it is a concrete jungle. And I know the weather is as crazy as its population.
Btw like de simple potato sabzi, I too mk de same way but will use ur type of tempering.

Indrani said...

Hi ushnishda,
So finally u found me..sorry for not telling you about my new blog, was very busy with lots of things., not blogging or blog hopping at all...in April my gmail acct. of my blog Appyayan has been hacked, so can't access that blog anymore..this incident has disheartened me a lot, took some time to blog again..changed my index blog name and blogging there..visit me and u always cheer me up with your sweet comments ...bhalo thakben and take care

Indrani said...

BTW, macher jhol ta darun dekhte hoyeche..ami o bhisan bhalobasi simple fish curry in Summer..

Sandhya Hariharan said...

thanks for the potato -onion sabji recipe.. Any bengali veg recipe is most welcum!!!!
I got panch phoran from my mom's neighbour in india.. i m loving it...

great clicks.... of ur trip

Sanjana said...

Thanks for a lovely, simple recipe- I will try it and let you know how it goes! And those travel photos... I'm so jealous! Those places look so luxurious- very beautiful indeed. Thank you for the comments on my blog :) I am very relieved it is all over, but now I must focus on my internship and learn as much as I can there. I guess the learning process never stops! Hope your SOMEONE and girls are well! I bet she loved this simple 'non-irritating' dish! Great adjective to describe this style of cooking- watch out though.. I may adopt it!
All best wishes!