Friday, November 6, 2009


( This dish is adopted from my most favorite cook book  by Maharaja of Sailana.) 
Vege friends can try paneer 
WARNING : This dish is meant for people who enjoy dishes used to be cooked for royal families and an out and out HEALTHY FOOD and not health food. My foodie friends who are on Health-food, must ignore this blog but may be, once in a while know what I am talking about). I cook this type of dishes in a small diner with close friends or relatives and that too on demand only. 

I and some bloggers observe, there are not many mutton dishes coming up. The reasons are many , the red meat and cholesterol hoax , the chicken propaganda, a tendency  for zero to low fat consumption ( not knowing that most of the body fat is produced by the body from carbohydrates), a desire to die healthy rather than enjoying good food etc . I love to eat mutton dishes, but these days I seldom eat them, simply because it is easier to cook fish and I am lazy...some time I get into the mode of " I eat to live" rather than " I live to eat"
I chose this recipe out of many , on a request from a visiting friend who normally loves to have one item cooked from the above famous book. Please read the recipe, and try to imagine the flavor and if it appears suspicious, don't proceed . I will suggest , not to make any deviation at the 1st trial.This recipe requires minimum effort and attention and meant for people for whom cooking is a serious business and enjoyable too.


1. Mutton 500 gms  from leg portion ( I had to use chap (vertebra pieces, with short rib and meat)  as I had them in stock and meant for some other dish. chili 200 gms, cut longitudinally and de-seeded.  ( take mostly less hot ( jhal) ones and few hot ones. I use all hot chilis) ) 
3. onion 250 gms ( thinly and evenly sliced.)
4. Ghee 200 gms  ( clarified butter) ( must not be reduced)
5.fresh curd 250 gms  whipped.
6. coriender leaves 100 gms chopped fine
7. Ginger 50 gms shredded
8. Garlic -paste 2 tsp heap
9. cumin seeds 4 level tea spoon , roasted and ground. ( careful while roasting, an over roasted one will spoil the taste)
10. Salt to taste

1. Mix curd, garlic paste and salt.
2. In a thick bottom pan ( with tight lead where edges can be sealed with wheat flour paste) add ghee and just melt it. ( Dont heat)
3. Add the motton to ghee and mix.
4. Add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly. (NO WATER TO BE ADDED) 
5. Start heating on medium flame and stir for 3-5 minutes ( no frying ) 
6. Cover and seal the pot with wheat flour paste. ( if you dont want to , then you need to check from time to time , if it is getting charred at the bottom . Mostly it will not, if you are using a tight lead).
7. Put the sealed  pan on low heat and cook for 1 hour 
( you may try using oven at 130 to 140 deg Celsius for 1 hr. I havent tried for this dish, if you do please let me know, the temp setting and time you used.)  


Vege foodi friends: If you try this recipe with paneer please let me know. Use fried Paneer and adjust cooking time , you may add Paneer at the end. I think the aroma will be great with paneer.

Happy eating, Happy weight gaining and happy tread milling and excercising


Sharmila said...

Lemme include my reason ... I do not know how to buy mutton and also do not have the courage to set foot in a mutton shop. :-( The dish sounds wonderful though ... I do not think it will taste the same if tried with chicken ... mutton has its own distinct flavour. :-)

Pari said...

Hi! I am also a big fan of Maharaja of Sailana, have been trying his preparations since college days, but as you have mentioned it's not for the calorie conscious people...I have always reduced the spice proportion in my preparations especially the cloves as I can't take that hot...
Coming to your recipe, I guess I can try yam or soya nuggets with this preparation as they yield a texture quite close to the meat.Thanks to you, your preparations make me think for the veg versions:-)

sangeeta said...

oh such a yumm mutton dish...i have to try this....forget about the calorie count.( you know i am a split personality regarding food...healthy food on one side n kababs n malpuas on the other) ha ha..

this is such a simple dish n i'd love it to be as hot as this one n without any alternatives.
i make a mirchi gosht with lots of green chillies n garlic in ghee which is yummy n this one will be on another level i know....
i prefer keeping a thick bottomed tawa under the cooking pan while doing such dum cooking n it works very well and using aluminium foil to seal the pot is easier for me...

also for a veggie version , i think potatoes peeled but whole , used instead of meat with 45 minutes of cooking time comes out very good for such recipes....i make a version of dum aaloo that way...

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sharmila
I never tried this one with chicken...You can try. As you don't like breast pcs (me too), use the wings, drum sticks and the thigh pcs.
As the main taste will come from lanka , ginger, roasted jeera etc and no strong spice, I think chicken will do fine, by its own flavor. The chicken will be cooked in 3 to 5 min, so I am sure you will use your experience in timing the chicken addition after prolonged boiling of the ingredients

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Pari
welcome to fan club of Maharaja Dig vijay singhji. I have already cooked all the dishes in the book including the garlic Paes (sweet dish). I have reduced , made minor and major changes many times and they turn out to be excellent..But if some one has taken the original recipe , he can make out the difference.
Normally high fat is needed to cook all great dishes..but most fat is taken out before serving and you don't end up eating all the ghee that was added for cooking .
This dish is very different from others and I am sure it will be great with Yam, and soya nuggets

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sangeeta
Many thanks for the input..Now cook that mirchi gost and the alu dish and share ha ha ha.
This dish will not need a thick tawa, because quite a high quantity of water in released from curd, mirchi, and dhania patta. In fact this time I did not seal the pot even, so it dried up a bit , almost like a Korma, rather than Kalia ha ha

Malar Gandhi said...

I am one hell of fitness freak too, but I cook mutton whenever I visit India, I know my limits. While eating mutton, I just skip the carbohydrate and walk an extra mile...thats all.

Coming to the point, it looks super delicious, I can't find mutton here:(

Yeah, I too feel the same way, there are no lot of meat recipes in the blogosphere.

Sangeetha Subhash said...

Hello ushnish , I am doing great,thank u, How about u? u said u will be visiting kerela ..did u visit?
Now coming to the recipe..
Oh wow!! Mutton my fav meat..any dish with mutton would love to eat it..not much bothered about calories when such a delicious dish appers in front of me...looks delicious and tempting!!! to be frank this is first time hearing this dish mutton kalia rasala sure it taste yummy..But would love to try it and know the taste..But the problem is here the place we are staying we don't get mutton..( so waiting for summer to visit india and try all mutton dishes.:)

Preeti Kashyap said...

this looks delicious...yummmm....should try it with paneer...but yes! i will make sure i make this when i have guests so that i dont gobble the entire dish up! Great job ushnish!

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sangeetha
My trip to Kerala fizzled out for the time being as I had to travel to Calcutta urgently. May be I will make it in Dec.
Ya I know the Mutton problem abroad, while in Korea I used to try Australian lamb but lamb fat has a typical smell which most Indians ( and me too) don't like. ANyway if you cant cook now, you dont miss much on this dish ha ha
Have a nice weekend

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Preeti
I feel good that you liked the recipe.
Please look up and see Sangeeta and pari's comments..They have good suggestions to make it veg.
Have a nice weekend

Gulmohar said...

Awesome...It's really hard to find mutton here. We get it only once in a while :( This sounds delicious and you are tempting me to try it :-)

prasu said...

wow...........delicious curry, Where do u learn such delicous dishes from?...........

Siddhi Shirsat said...

hey thnx for visiting my blog...your blog is some yummy and nuce recipes here...planing 2 try some:-))

indira mukerjee (ইন্দিরা মুখার্জি) said...

You are most welcome to Krishnokolee's kitchen!!
your blog is also very interesting...thanks for the nice recipes....
Bhalo thakben!!!

Preeti Kashyap said...

there as promised..i have made the veggie version...check it out.

Bong Appetite said...

looks kind of dish..jhaal jhaal.will definitely give this a try,whenever i buy mutton next.

Bong Appetite said...

looks kind of dish..jhaal jhaal.will definitely give this a try,whenever i buy mutton next.

Bong Appetite said...

This looks absolutely delicious.Definitely going to give this try whenever I buy mutton next.