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While publishing the liver recipe , I forgot to give vege alternative for my vege friends, hence this posting.
In India, we get mainly the button mushrooms and  Oyster mushroom in some places. However any edible mushroom can be used.  Mushroom always reminds me the great taste of  Mushroom of Orissa, which grows randomly on hey stacks ( Pala Chhatu, the edible ones).
The spice will remain same, the great classical Bengali seasoning of Green chili and Kala Jeera. This seasoning gives a very mild aroma keeping the flavor of ingredients almost in its original form.
In case the taste is bland, please proceed from the end with various spices. ( refer to my earlier post on Liver fry)
1. Button Mushroom 200 gms 
2. green chili 6 Nos..3 broken into 2-3 pcs and 3 for garnishing 
3. Turmaric 1 level tsp
4. Kala jeera 1 level tsp
5. Oil 1 tbsp ( or 2 tsp) (Mustrad oil for Bongs , others may use olive or any other oil )
Note: Mushroom doesn't soak oil , so a little for seasoning is Good enough
6. Salt to taste 
Cut the Mushroom into 6 to 8mm pieces
Heat oil and give green chili and Kala jeera seasoning, when the green chili turns white to very little brownish, add the Mushroom and mix.
Add turmeric powder , salt and mix , keep at low flame. ( Note, the Mushroom will shrink, so be careful about salt quantity..keep at lower side and adjust later.)
Cover and simmer for 5- 8 minutes or till the water dries up.
Raise flame and stir fry. When material sticks to the vessel, reduce flame put 1 tbsp water, scrap and dissolve the material and mix .
Repeat this process 2 more times (BHUNO THRICE)
The Mushroom will get fried, turn light brown and will be coated with oil.
Enjoy straight or with hot rice and additional green chili...or roti or Paratha.
If you are adventurous, use this to make stuffed Mushroom paratha ( in this case, chop the cooked Mushroom further and can add roasted red chili powder or more fried green chili.

 Flower for my great foodie friends


prasu said...

Hi Ushnishg...........nice color and looking yummy.....i never fried mushroom....i do only curry, which I will be posting quite after some time, last week i did it....but hungry people around my table did not let take the pic.........bye

Siddhi Shirsat said...

hey nice n simple recipe...i like mushrooms..vl try it sun:-))

sangeeta said...

simple yet interesting flavors....muh me paani aa gaya....
i have tatsed some wild mushrooms called chhatti in dhanbad...huge ones n very tasty!!
no stuffed will be good with roti for me!!

Bong Mom said...

Interestingly I had tried a Kashmiri dish from the blogs which is originally with liver ("mete") but could also be done with mushroom. The mushroom version tasted awesome.

If you get a chance try it and with shorsher tel of course

I am sure this bengali version with mushroom would be great too, anyway I love mete chachari

Gulmohar said...

Didn't know that mushroom is so abundant in Orissa.That's a fav of our friend from Orissa, and this could be the reason :-)
This sounds simple and delicious. Can I replace kaalajeera with the normal one?

kothiyavunu said...

Dear ushnish,
That sounds amazing--I love the idea of substituting mushroom for liver.:) My hubby being a great fan of mushroom would love this for sure :)I am trying this for sure.. I just enjoyed looking at the way you prepared your food with so many spices in it.Thanks for sharing.:)

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Prasu
Will be waiting for your recipe on Mushroom curry..I am sure it will be with coastal Andhra spice flavor

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Bong Mom
I feel good, you visited this space. I am a regular visitor of your space and have already cooked both mator dal recipes many times :-).
It is long time I have tried any traditional Kashmiri dishes, that I learnt from a Kashmiri family.
I am going to your Mushroom blog.
My problem is, I am so addicted to reading your introduction part, that I flick recipe after recipe to read the preamble, before actually going into the cooking part of it.:-))
Bhalo theko

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Gulmohar
You can try the jeera, I have never tried. I will try , it should be simple and tasty, with jeera flavor.
Actually, we all know, Mushroom can be cooked in numerous ways with all kind of spices.
I just shared one typical Mushroom with a traditional Benagli seasoning, People who are used to eat spice Mushroom, may find it too bland..but it goes well when there are many other spice dishes.

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

I like my mushroom simple too, either just as you mentioned (but I use normal jeera - have to try kala jeera), or with Sorisha... I love both preparations...

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Those flowers are awesome! In your garden ?

My Experiments with Food said...

Hi Ushnish, have never tried cooking mushrooms this way. Sounds interesting.
My fav way is to use them in Stir fry veggies which also include capsicum, babycorn and (sometimes) tofu apart from mushrooms.
Lovely pic of the flowers - am assuming they are from your garden?

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear MEF ( I have made a short form to address)
R U back from vacation?
Stir fried vege is also my fav. This Mushroom recipe is just with a typical bengali seasoning and stir fried longer to get a typical aroma.
Somoo above has mentioned other simple seasoning.
The flower is not from my fact I stay in a flat and have 4 pots, 2 have tulsi and other 2 have some dead money plant, quite symbolic :-)
I do lot of photography so I thought I should send flowers to my foodie friends.
best wishes

Nandini said...

How hot and lip-smacking the dish looks! I love mushrooms 'cuz of their mushy taste! Loved the adventurous way of spicy cooking!

Sreelekha Sumesh said...

Wow..Thats awonderful recipe..Just love it.

Malar Gandhi said...

Dear Ushnish,

Thats indeed very thoughtful post...yep, the picture looks great. Mushrooms are perfect alterantes for meat.

Thanks for the flowers.

b/n I am a Biologist cum Biotechnologist, majored in both (research). Yes, encountered quite number of animals in the lab:)

Pavithra said...

Wow i love mushroom , looks so tempting with lovely spices soooooooooooo good.

A Homemakers Diary said...

I simply looooooove mushroom, any edible one and in any form. the Poal chatu (which you mentioned) though is the king of all mushrooms. love your recipe...never made it this way.

Preeti Kashyap said...

Looks so great!...sorry Ushnish...had some problems with my google account and I link that to my blogger. So had to back up the entire site and close it down till the problem was I am back with full swing again...and guess what? I tried the Kalia Razala, the veggie way...will put it up soon.

Kumudha said...

Mushroom gravy looks so tasty!

Gulmohar said...

Ushnish, thanks for the reply :-)
Pl collect your award from our blog :-)

Cool Lassi(e) said... do have a nice spread.and plenty of pictures of every recipe too..real nice. i will visit often.

San!!! said...

Mushroom fry is classic ,iam impressed.Would have been yum with rice.

Vrinda said...

I make this fry very often..instead of green chillies i add pepper powder and i noticed when cooked covered it leaves lots of water,so i always cook it uncovered...

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Vrinda
Actually the Mushroom cooks so fast and releases so much of water that it need not be covered. I just see it is cooked for 5-6 minutes in water before I fry it.Some times I dont cover actually :-)
Thanks for the tips, i am going to fry with will be great taste, I can guess

Babli said...

Mushroom fry looks very nice, yummy and crispy. I love mushroom very much. I will definitely try your lovely recipe.

Sharmila said...

I thought I left a line ... ki je hocche aajkal ... kalo jeere diye mushroom konodin o bhabini! Ekbar try korte hobe. :-)

Malar Gandhi said...

Dear Ushnish,

Regular Idly batter ratio,

1 cup of parboiled + 1 cup of raw rice: 1/2 cup of urad dal. 2:1/2.

But depending upon weather...the fermentation takes time, the colder the weather...more parboiled(technically). Rice helps in fermentation.

However it is good to use just 'raw rice' sometimes...they will give 'milk white idlies' prefered by many:)

I have an unique idly recipe lying in my draft, one doesnt demand any gadget...will post it soon:)

preethvijay said...

hi ushnish thnks for visitng my blog and for followng me. Ur blog looks awesome. I ll be vistng often. cheers!!

Soma said...

ami mushroom think ei bhabhe bhaji.. only slice them instead of the cubes you did. the best way to enjoy the meaty mushrooms. ei mushroom ta kora shesh holay, left over bhaat er shathye bheje dekhun kirokom darun laage ;-)

Soma (

Satrupa said...

Dear Ushnish Bhai,

Thanks for leaving your kind words again ..... the mushroom fry looks yummy. Reminds me of my mom's kitchen. She prepared this often during rainy season when Pala Chatu is found in abundance.

Happy Cooking,

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Satrupa
Yes, I really miss those pala chhatu and Bali chhatu (the very tiny ones). The pala chhatu taste is awesome !!!
Planning to make a trip to Odisa, Athgarh and BBSR after the rain
Have a nice weekend